How technology has changed our health issues

October 02, 2013 17:09
How technology has changed our health issues

Technology is omnipresent. From business to fitness and from shopping to our personal relationships, technology has become centrifugal to human existence. While it  is certainly a boon, on the flipside, it's fast adding up to our physical woes. Let's find out how.

Text Neck

If you are gleaning through this write-up slumped in a chair or leaning on to your desk - your head  craned, your shoulders  curved and arms bent by your extreme side - then beware! Termed as a ‘text neck’ problem, physical therapists, doctors and chiropractors opine that carpel tunnel syndrome is a passé, and ‘text neck’ is the new tech-induced body ailment.

Sleep Disorders

Over exposure to the artificial light from TV and computer screen affects melatonin production by toppling circadian rhythms and thwarting deep and restorative sleep. Every day, late night computer usage, without any frequent breaks  can trigger sleep disorders, stress and depressive symptoms.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

If you are someone who is glued to laptop for 6 to 7 hours daily and often complain of mild to moderate dry or watery eyes, then possibly you are suffering from computer vision syndrome. To speak like a layman, if your eyes tear often or you suffer from blurred vision, double vision, dry, red eyes, eye irritation, headaches and neck or back pain, then you need to minimize your usage.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you shrug off a slight cramp as a muscle pull or a muscle spasm, then know that carpel tunnel syndrome is not a thing to be overlooked. “Numbness in the fingers (especially thumb, index and middle finger), burning, tingling sensation in the palm, pain radiating in upward direction of the hand, tightening of joints and fingers and poor grip while holding objects are a few lethal symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome.”

(AW: Suchorita Dutta)

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