Love, care and affection... time to showcase!

April 28, 2012 10:35
Love, care and affection... time to showcase!

Even you have told this the nth time, you would again want to tell it now to your partner and prove how much you care and love him... of course, your emotions are no less than any gifts for him… but, you can take a step ahead and plan this weekend with your partner;

MAKE HIM DINNER- Call it 'old fashioned' but every man loves a home cooked meal - especially when it’s handmade by the woman he loves. I understand that you may be busy with work during the week ... so this may be a good weekend project.

PLAN A DAY TIME HIKE/ PICNIC: After a long week of work, you probably want to spend some time outside. And by going outside I don’t mean – hitting up the mall to go shopping. Spend some quality time with your boyfriend… take a hike.

•    Plan ahead: Find a local trail, or if you have a favorite spot (beach, mountain) you can go there! Try to plan the hike when it’s not too hot…. SUNSET time is always ideal.
•    Pack for the trip: Surprise him with some snacks, maybe a blanket, a camera, and definitely WINE.
•    Tell him that you want to do something outdoorsy and you have it all planned: Trust me, if you are a girly girl and initiate an outdoor hike to your outdoorsy boyfriend he will be IMPRESSED.
•    While on your hike: Take time to appreciate it. Don’t rush to the end of the trail, so that you can get it over with. Enjoy the special time together- this is a great time without other distractions (such as cellphones- leave them in your car)… just you, him, and nature.

MAKE A MEANINGFUL CD / PLAYLIST – it actually showers how much you love your partner and showcasing all your feelings through your voice and he being at a listening end, is not at all a bad option…

•    If you want to STEP IT UP: accompany your CD with a handwritten book of why you picked the songs, what lyrics you liked, and decorate it.
•    This is one of those sentimental gifts that you never really expect.
•    Couples usually have "special" songs- This is a great way to remind him of those "special" songs.

TRY TO HANG OUT WITH HIS BUDDIES- Just like you want your friends to like him, he wants his friends to like you. So initiate hanging out with them. This is a great way to win points with his buddies too.

•    Suggest going to a sporting event, or maybe set up a poker night
•    Show your boyfriend that you don’t have to always be the lovey-dovey couple, and you can be the ‘guys’ girl.
•    The more approval you get from his buddies, the more he’ll appreciate you
PLEASE HIM – Maybe your boyfriend has expressed an intimate fantasy, or you know what gets him going. DO IT. This doesn’t mean – be a porn star- but if you know he enjoys massages – suck it up and give him a massage (and don’t expect or accept one in return). Raise the bar and do something different, something special.

LOOK GOOD FOR HIM – GO ALL OUT: Remember when you first started dating… he couldn’t keep his hands off you? Remember when you cared what you looked like around him? Take off your lounge pants, and your sweatshirt. Put on a sexy dress, do your make up, and go out for a drink. Sometimes we let ‘comfort’ turn into ‘laziness’… so put in a little effort and WOW him. He’ll appreciate it.

BUY HIM A RANDOM, PERSONALIZED CARD: There are cards for every occasion. Maybe things are perfect and you want to thank him for loving you. Or maybe he’s been having a tough time at work and you want to let him know that you believe in him. Or maybe you two have been fighting and you want to make amends. Whatever the situation, you can find a card for it. Even if you think there isn’t a situation – a card can put a smile on his face. Getting him a meaningful card will show that you are thinking about him.

LISTEN TO HIM TALK- and keep your yapping to yourself. Ever realize the dynamics of your conversations with your boyfriend? If you are anything like me, it’s probably 70% me, 30% boyfriend (or worse). Guys may not like to gossip as much, but they do like to talk. So, let him talk- and take it in. Listen to him for once. Trust me, he’ll feel better after he is able to vent about work, friends, money, etc.

Our heart is as uncertain and fickle so as our life… even though we have done a lot to prove to our loved ones so did they, it is very necessary for us to shower our love, affection and care to them, for a simple reason being, YOU are in LOVE with your LOVED ONES…

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