Financial Planning, A learning journey?

July 20, 2011 15:32
Financial Planning, A learning journey?

womenwisheshI have grown up hearing my Mom talking about how important it is, particularly of us to know how to plan our budget. There were many instances, Mom used warn me if I can’t handle my expenses and plan a month in an given budget, that would definitely have a very negative impact on me and  my family, after my marriage. Whatever she used to say sounded to be very nagging and boring to me. I never even bothered to think of what is the essence of her talk. Later, I got married. Today, after two and a half years of my marriage, I understand how important it is for anyone to know how to manage their finances.

Initially, after my Marriage, everything, right from a 10 rupees Noodles packet to 600 rupees worth lipstick, meant to be important and essential for me. The idea of compromising on not buying all those I wanted to, it was not a convincing point for me. In practice, it was hard for me to analyze what is a necessity and what is a luxury. This went on for a while, I have been spending money like water, buying all those I want, all those I aspire to buy and all those I just feel like buying. It could be clothes, cosmetics, accessories, house hold necessities, Jewelers and what not. All this went for almost 2 years.

My Husband, who was mum for two long years, one evening, came up to me, sat beside me and with lot of peace and firm attitude said, ‘I am not expecting you to earn to fulfill your desires, and I do not want that too. Working and earning is something that is purely your call. Neither, I  am expecting you to kill all your desires and adjust for the sake of saving money. I just want you to know, what you actually want. It is very essential for one to know what they want to achieve, clarity in what they are wanting to get, right and clear vision about what are their likes and sensing what are they doing. I am definitely not opposing you from buying anything you want and living the life the way you are used to. I am urging you to know your mind first, before taking any step. Since we just started off with our life, all this is acceptable now. What if a new member (Our Kid) enters into our family tomorrow? What if seeing you or me, even the kid would start behaving in a similar way? I am sure, there would definitely be a point when you will regret for your behavior that has in turn made your child to be irresponsible about the future.’

One last sentence he said, that has actually changed all these years of my entire perspective towards life, ‘Thinking and living in today is very important, but planning about the future and giving a better life ahead for yourself, our family and kids is equally important’.
This is how I have learnt how to plan your finances. Even today, I buy whatever I want, I enjoy living every moment, but at the same time, I have learnt to differentiate my necessities, desires, wants and unnecessary expenditure.

I hope, all you Woman out there, who more or less are going through the phase I have gone a bit earlier, would start a new beginning, yet again. Well, there is always a next time!


Sunayana Vinay Kumar

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