The Five Types Of Vaginal Odors That Every Woman Must Be Aware

September 19, 2017 16:56
The Five Types Of Vaginal Odors That Every Woman Must Be Aware

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The Five Types Of Vaginal Odors That Every Woman Must Be Aware:- It is perfectly normal for your vagina to have a certain kind of aroma but certain vaginal odor can also mean different problems. So if at time you notice a waft from your nethers that smells that might seem worrisome, you just need to pay attention to the points mentioned below.
Intense exercise, changes in the pH environment of the vagina or infections can trigger different vaginal odor. Certain vaginal odors accompanied by symptoms like itching or out of the norm discharge can indicate serious infection.

Here are some vaginal odors you should look out for to assess whether your scent is normal or if you should be consulting a doctor.

A) Yeasty Odor

Yeasty Odor

Although most of the yeast infections are not smelly, occasionally these infections are accompanied with thick, cottage cheese-like discharge. The discharge will also have a faint scent of yeast. So, after you pee, if you notice redness or burning around your vagina, then you might have yeast infection. Diabetic women experience this more, since yeast feed on sugar, and diabetic women tend to have more glucose in their vaginal secretions. Consult your doctor to get it treated.

B)  Fishy Odor

Fishy Odor

If you notice a fishy odor then the reason behind this is the most common vaginal infection bacterial vaginosis (BV) and it happens when the vagina’s pH gets disturbed by an overgrowth of bad bacteria. Consult your doctor to get rid of this pungent smell and your doctor will prescribe you a local drugstore pH gel to re-balance your vaginal acidity. If the smell does not go away in a week or so, then consult your gynac again, you might actually have trichomoniasis, a common and easily treatable STI.

C) Bleachy Odor

Bleachy Odor

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Many women notice a bleachy odor in their vaginal discharge. This might be because of lubricants or condoms, as these products can contribute to this smell. There is nothing to be worried about, this rather normal, and the odor usually goes away within 24 hours.

D) Musky odor

Musky Odor

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Do you often notice a musky smell down there? Chances are that you have been wearing synthetic underwear. Non-breathable panties can cause a musky smell, this happens because of the sweat that gets trapped. If you want to get rid of this musky odor, start using light, breathable and cotton panties and also do not sit around with sweaty clothes.

E) Metallic odor

You will notice the metallic odor during your menstrual cycle. This is because of the blood; it can change the pH of your vagina, making it smell different. It smells a coppery or tinny. It is completely harmless and the odor should go away once the blood passes. Do not use strong scented soaps or else the pH will further get disturbed.


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