Balance work and family this way

September 22, 2015 16:40
Balance work and family this way

After marriage, a few women have to work and a few others want to work. In either cases, life can become a balancing act. In those cases, do not give a chance to others, to show thumbs down for your family performance. To not to give them that chance, you do not take chance from skipping to study and follow the below points.

Put efficiency aside, accept support 

When people come to you and offer their support in your daily routine works, accept it, even though you feel, they do not satisfy you in doing the work as perfectly as you can. Remember, they are reducing the amount of work, which you are supposed to do.

Work from home, doubles the stress

The office is a rigid structure, where you cannot have any other disturbance, other than the work you do. But when you choose to work from home, keeping in mind your little child, nothing would be a foolish decision, as it can be. Moreover, if you are a new mother, I bet you cannot even give one hour of continuous productive work to your office. When you got to work for sure, there is no wrong in hiring a baby care taker.

Maintain a to-do-list

When you are working in the office, make sure you take good breaks in between, and especially when the break is long like the lunch, throw all your office thoughts out and prepare for the possible pleasant evening. To have a clarity, maintain a to-do-list, in which you separate the official works from the personal ones.
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Opt time being works

If working is your passion, but finding tough to take out the time from your regular family schedules, opt time being works, where you need not dedicate a particular time regularly to it and can do only at your possible time. I know what would be your next question. Clearing yuor issue, here is a website called, where you can find a work and do it at your possible times. Pick your choice among the various categories and perform it without pressure.   
You need not sacrifice all your wishes for family or you need not sacrifice a lovely family for earning bread. If you have a little planning, you can balance both and after all, that is what, the life is.    

By Phani Ch

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