Make teeny tiny changes in your life

July 21, 2014 18:19
Make teeny tiny changes in your life

"I must sleep early everyday." "I need to stop mindless eating." "I wish my home was neater."
We often crib and obsess about certain bad habits that we need to quit,  to feel better and of course, stay happier! But seldom we are able to make necessary changes in our lifestyle. It takes too much to wake up in the morning and exercise or forego the temptation of junk food, right? Well, we suggest you start small! Making big, harsh changes will push you over the edge, making you feel miserable instead of happy. Make teeny tiny changes that will make you feel super duper in no time.Here are a few things you could do.

  • If you are the kind who can't do without 10 mugs of daily coffees, how about swapping a few mugs of java with with two glasses of water? It won't just hydrate you, but also help you kick the bad habit.

  • Got a sweet tooth? Munch on fruits instead of sugary sweets

  • Go low on salt when cooking. Add herbs instead!

  • Set a playlist of your favorite songs on your phone. Listen to it when you are travelling back and forth from work

  • Be more gracious. Not only towards others but also to yourself.

  • Use cash instead of your credit card, when you shop to save yourself from impulsive buying.

(AW: Suchorita Choudhury)

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