Pregnant Working Woman? Remember These

October 12, 2012 09:56
Pregnant Working Woman? Remember These

Getting pregnant is the most cherished moment in a woman's life. The life of a woman changes after she gets pregnant. These days working women do not quit their job or take maternity leave until the third trimester is about to end. This means, till a month before delivery, a pregnant working women goes to office and does her regular job at the desk or on the field. But, you have to be very careful and cautious. Here are few points that pregnant working women should remember.

Tips for working pregnant women to remember:

Avoid stairs: Instead of climbing the stairs slowly, get inside the lift. Stairs can make you tired easily and can also be the reason for accidents. Office floors are wet or slippery because of the floor tiles. Moreover, pregnant women should avoid stairs as it puts stress on the placenta. If your doctor has advised you to avoid stairs, make sure you follow it. If by chance you are climbing stairs, avoid carrying items in your hand. Hold the handle and climb slowly. Wear flat slippers that do not slip and are comfortable too.

Carry healthy snacks: Food cravings are quiet common among pregnant women. Sometimes, you will feel like having something spicy and the next moment you want to eat a dessert. These cravings of a pregnant women is nothing unusual. However, pregnant women who are working need to carry some healthy snacks along with them. They have to eat at short intervals. Do not eat double the amount of food but, make it a point to eat nutritious foods that are healthy and beneficial for both you and the growing baby.

Say 'No' to coffee and cigarettes: Caffeine intake can be harmful for the foetus. According to many studies, caffeine intake can lead to miscarriage especially in the first trimester. Caffeine is an addictive substance that has stimulants which can be harmful for the growing baby. Similarly, cigarettes have nicotine that can harm the growth and development of the foetus. When you smoke, your baby gets less oxygen and this effects its growth. Moreover, smoking is associated with premature delivery, miscarriage and birth defects.

Focus on your sitting posture: Sit straight on the chair. You can keep a cushion to relieve back pain. If you feel uneasy and nauseated, take deep breaths and eat something.

Small breaks are a must: Sitting in one place for a longer duration slows down blood circulation in the body. Make sure you take small breaks. Walk a little and drink lots of water. These small breaks can also control sickness and other irritating feelings.

If you are a working pregnant woman, keep these points in mind.

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