Pros And Cons Of A Working Wife

September 14, 2012 10:59
Pros And Cons Of A Working Wife

Professionalism has taken its position in the life of young minds. These days, both men and women are competing in the market to have a better and luxurious life. Gone are the days when women used to be housewives and men used to earn a living. Women of this generation believe that they study so hard to work as a professional and not sit at home like a homemakers. Sitting at home with a masters degree is not their cup of tea. These days even men want to marry working women who can support them financially and is also be independent. But, having a working wife has both pros and cons. Lets check it out in brief.

Pros and cons of a working wife:

Understandable: Working wife can be good for you if you are always busy with your office work. Busy professionals need a wife who understands their situation and doesn't fight. Late night meetings and working from home even after returning from office are a few routine things done by a busy working man. If you have a working wife, you will be benefited as she will understand your situation and cooperate.

Supportive: A working spouse can be of great use when you are feeling down. Peer and work pressure can at times frustrate you and this can put you under depression also! If you have a working wife, she will be always be there by your side to help and support you when required.

Same goals: This is one of the pros of having a working wife. You both will mutually have a set of goals for your future. For example, you two want to have a bright and luxurious future and for that, you need to save. Thus, you decide to earn and save. This common goal keeps the working couple together and also strengthens the relationship.


Lack of time: If you have a busy working wife, you would be at a little loss. While you can take out some time for your beautiful wife, she might be too busy to come and give you a peck! This is one of the biggest cons of having a working wife. She will not be free to spend time with family wholeheartedly. Even your kids get less time when both their parents are working.

Complexity: Many working couples have some complexity problems with each other. If you are at a higher position than your husband and work just the double, you might risk your happy married life. This is a major relationship problem that working couples face. Male ego plays a strong role in bringing such gaps in a happy married life. There are very few men who take the success of their wife very joyously.

These are few pros and cons of having a working wife. Do you have more points to add in the list? Share with us.

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