Study says Children Prefer to Explore Choices than Instant Rewards

August 18, 2020 20:19
Study says Children Prefer to Explore Choices than Instant Rewards

Study says Children Prefer to Explore Choices than Instant Rewards:- As per a recent study, it is heard that young children who are aged between 4 and 5 are interested to explore more choices than to take up an immediate reward. Exploration is a driving force among the kids and it even outweighs the importance of instant rewards. Young children love to explore the world how it works. A research said that kids below the age of 5 and adults played a game where choices earned rewards but they quickly learned about the choices that would give them the best returns. The adults used their knowledge to maximize their prizes while the children kept exploring for other options to check their value if it is changed.

The kids search for new discoveries which is random. The results showed that the children approached exploration so that they did not miss anything. The results from this research got published in the journal Developmental Science. Two studies are conducted and one of them had 34 adults while the other had 32 children who are aged four. Four alien creatures are shown on the computer screen and they get virtual candies when clicked. One of the creatures gave ten candies while the others gave 1,2 and 3 candies. 100 trials were offered and the amounts never changed in the creatures. Adults selected the same creature 86% of the time but the children selected it 43% times and the rest of the time they kept exploring the other options.

The majority of the children are focused on the uncertainty of the hidden option and they prefer to explore choices.

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