Obese women are likely to face health risks during pregnancy

June 05, 2015 16:24
Obese women are likely to face health risks during pregnancy

Obesity is a common lifestyle disease affecting many individuals nowadays. But when it comes to women, it leads to serious health complications. A recent study has proved that women with obesity have increased health risks in pregnancy, both for them and their babies.

The research was carried out by the Trinity college and according to them, the global rates of maternal obesity have reached epidemic proportions with prevalence of maternal obesity in women aged 20-39 year. Maternal obesity is indicated as having BMI of 30 kg/m2. It is linked to a greater risk of preterm birth, large-for-gestational-age babies, fetal defects, congenital anomalies and perinatal death.

By analysis, the researchers found that maternal obesity is the most important factor that leads to obesity in children.

“It has been a serious health problem that wasn’t currently being adequately addressed and could have significant implications for both the women and their babies” Professor Cecily Begley said. She added that it was important not to stigmatise women because of their weight and they need to provide pre-conceptual health education, through national subsidised programmes, to support and encourage women with a high BMI to lose weight before they conceive.

So, expert’s advice expected mothers to take care of their weight to avoid serious health complications. The research is published in the international peer-reviewed journal Obesity Reviews.

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