International Bikini Day: The Bikini Turns 73

July 05, 2019 19:16
International Bikini Day: The Bikini Turns 73

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International Bikini Day: The Bikini Turns 73:- Bikini is one outfit that makes a man turn heads for sure. This beachwear is known to flaunt the curves of a woman. It was introduced during the late 1800s and the initial swimsuits consisted of the belted dress with long bloomers. During the initial days, there was slight exposure of the skin and soon it took many forms coming with the latest generations. Today, bikini comes in all the shapes, colours, sizes and fabrics. Every actress and a model are ready to present themselves in a bikini.

The modern-day ‘bikini brief’ came into existence only in the 19th century. There was a fabric shortage post World War 2 and because of which the bikini started taking shape. Designer Jacques Heim, who ran a beach shop in the resort town of Cannes, now a popular film festival venue, created a two-piece garb in 1946. It is then designers started to shift their focus on a bikini which is now a famous outfit across the globe.

Europe donned bikini after World War 2 but USA waited till 1960s to use it. In this modern world, several bikinis are designed as per the requirement.

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