Different Color Wedding Shoes to Match Your Wedding Theme

August 03, 2017 16:56
Different Color Wedding Shoes to Match Your Wedding Theme

Different Color Wedding Shoes to Match Your Wedding Theme:- The wedding theme should be something that the bride really wants to do and is planned many months in advance to allow for everything to fall in place. This not only means that setting and outfits for the wedding party, but the guests as well so they can fit into the theme if need be.

Your bridal outfit is more than just the gown; it includes your hairstyle, your jewelry, your accessories, and very importantly your shoes. There is no point in spending a fortune on a designer dress if you are going to ruin the overall look with the wrong shoes. To complement the wedding dress, finding exactly the right bridal shoes can take just as long as finding the perfect dress in the first place.

The wedding shoes you choose for your big day should feel comfortable, be suitable for the venue and match your personal style. It is also necessary that the shoes match your wedding dress. When you consider all these factors, finding the right pair may feel like a challenge. Nevertheless, it is possible.

Wedding Shoes

What follows are a few wedding themes and the appropriate wedding shoes to match. Be sure to color coordinate the shoes with the dress so that it matches the occasion perfectly.

Sexy Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme

Certainly one of the most popular themes in recent years, a sexy wedding theme can be shaped around a bride’s favorite party dress with shoes that are appropriate for the occasion. Blue wedding shoes can work very well if the dress matches, but they should emphasize comfort even if they are high-heeled. A bride is going to be on her feet all day and uncomfortable shoes will take their toll.

Western Wedding Theme

Western Wedding Theme

Western themes are actually quite popular and can be helpful for those who are stuck on a budget. The western theme is relatively inexpensive, relaxed and can be helpful for your guests as well since they do not have to purchase or clean expensive suits. The appropriate choice in brides wedding shoes is ivory or white, beige, grey or pearl. Adding embroideries can help augment the western theme as well.

Spring Wedding Theme

Spring Wedding Theme

A very popular choice, especially if it matches the season. Spring generally means plenty of bright pastels which mean you will need to choose the appropriate color of dress to match this theme. Strong greens, yellows and reds are preferred, but you can choose from the many colors of nature itself during this time of year.

Chinese Wedding Theme

Chinese Wedding Theme

Another highly popular theme, here the wedding shoes should be only one color red. And although the dresses tend to be very long and cover the shoes, remember that you probably will be going up and down stairs.

One Trick To Match Shoes To The Dress

You may run into the problem of not quite having the same color shoes as the dresses being worn, this is especially true if the bridesmaid dresses are specifically made for the occasion. One simple trick is to purchase patent leather shoes and use a strip of fabric to create a ribbon that can be attached. This will allow some flexibility in the type of shoes that are worn, especially when you cannot easily find the shoes that you need.

More Tips On Wedding Shoes

- The shoes always match the dress which means pink wedding shoes = pink wedding dress.

- Remember to not have wedding shoes that expose the toes too much.

- Having ties on wedding shoes is discouraged as well.

- Low heel wedding shoes are appropriate, especially when keeping the groom in mind.


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