Indian American Entrepreneur Stabbed in Texas, Battles for Life in ICU

October 21, 2016 13:08
Indian American Entrepreneur Stabbed in Texas, Battles for Life in ICU

In a shocking incident, a young Indian-American social entrepreneur has been murdered on Oct 16 because of an argument in Texas.

According to the officials, the incident took place when Ikvinder Pabla, 21 went to Cloud Nine Hookah Lounge in Richardson, Texas along with his girlfriend and accompanied by other friends.

Pabla’s sister, Gurpreet Pabla, told India-West in an exclusive interview that "her brother and his girlfriend stepped out of the lounge at about 3:30 a.m. Pabla stepped to one side of the parking lot to make a phone call, and his girlfriend went to another side with some friends. She was then approached by three other men. A friend of Pabla’s intervened due to which one of the men, picked up a bottle and smashed on his head, taking him down."

She said that "Pabla saw the fight  and attempted to intervene. The trio then started to punch him and knocked him to the ground. One man returned to his car, and got a screwdriver, and started stabbing Pabla in the arm, leg, stomach, and heart. He left the screwdriver in Pabla’s heart. Several people watched , but none of them intervened. Pabla was still conscious after the attack. A club bouncer called the police and told Pabla to walk over and sit down, but lost consciousness when police and emergency personnel arrived."

Gurpreet Pabla said "Pabla had no oxygen or blood flow for about six minutes. His ribs were cracked open so that his heart could be manually pumped. He was admitted to the Plano Medical Center in Plano, Texas. He is currently on a ventilator in the ICU and is being fed through a tube. There is no evidence of brain activity, according to Gurpreet, who said her brother has gone through multiple surgeries.

Pabla is the founder of Laker, which is an organization which provides free trees to India, the U.S., China and Brazil to help the impact of climate change.

Gurpreet Pabla told India-West that "the Richardson, Texas Police Department did not contact her family. They later found out about it from friends five hours after the attack. At the scene, police arrested Ahmad Walid Kadhim and booked him on simple assault with a bail of $5,000. Kadhim was later released on a bond of $500."

Sgt. Kevin Perlich, of the Richardson, Texas Police Department, told India-West that "Kadhim was booked on simple assault because he wasn’t accused of anything more than simply hitting someone.”

Perlich said "detectives are still investigating who inflicted the wounds on Pabla. There were numerous people in the parking lot. We know that some of them had armed themselves with various weapons and there was more than one altercation,” he said, adding that "investigators are in the process of interviewing numerous people who were out there".

Perlich added "the investigation is open and ongoing. I cannot confirm the extent of the injuries, but cited the police report which indicated Pabla had received several stab wounds that require hospitalization."

Gurpreet Pabla said "Khadim and the other alleged attackers are from a wealthy Iraqi family. She fears they will flee the country before the investigation is completed. I took several witnesses to the police station but was summarily dismissed for interfering with the investigation."

Perlich said, "I cannot comment on Gurpreet’s allegations, but several witnesses have been interviewed."

A close friend of the family who asked not to be identified told India-West: “There is definitely some negligence on the part of the police. A man is in critical condition. Why isn’t this a top priority?”

The friends and  family of Pabla are upset that Kadhim is free on a very low bail amount. They have even created a gofundme page- to help with Pabla’s medical expenses.

Pabla is a student at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. He has no medical insurance. His medical bills are expected to be more than thousands dollars.

Gurpreet said "my brother is studying business administration and also plays kabaddi competitively. She has asked anyone with information about the incident, or the alleged perpetrator, to call Richardson, Texas police."

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