Pooja Telugu Movie Review

  • Film : Pooja
  • Producer : Vishal
  • Director : Hari
  • Star Cast : Vishal, Shruti Haasan...
  • Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Vishal finally arrived with 'Pooja.' The film was carrying very good expectations before release and Shruti Haasan is the female lead. Singham fame Hari directed the movie while Vishal himself produced 'Pooja.'

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Vasu [Vishal] is a small time money lender in a vegetable market. A special police officer [Satyaraj] has been appointed to catch Singanna [Mukesh Tiwari] who is a dread goon. However, Vasu ends up saving the police officer in an incident who will be attacked Singanna and his men. Later Vasu gets to know that his family has threat because of Singanna.

What is the conflict here and how Vasu saves his family forms the plot.

Analysis :


The film relies more on action episodes. The second half of the film has more violence and fighting sequences disturb the flow of the film. Pooja is a decent film with family, romance minus action. Director Hari did a good job by sticking to the plot and not attempting to put much twists and turns. However, lack of proper screenplay will make the film routine and climax of films these days are just for namesake. Overall Pooja is just okay film.

Performance :


Vishal is just perfect in his role. He takes the attention of audience even though we have the sizzling Shruti Haasan in the other end. Vishal stressed more upon action but he executed them neatly. He balanced the all aspects and made sure he did justice to his role. Shruti Haasan provides glamour but she doesn't match with Vishal. Mukesh Tiwari attracts, he might be the next superstar of the villain roles. Satyaraj is okay in his role while Radhika's role is very short.

Final Word: The success of Pooja depends upon how the audience will receive it.