Ghazi Movie Review and Ratings

by Aravind
Ghazi Movie Review and Ratings
  • Rating:
    3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5)
  • Director:
    Sankalp Reddy
  • Cast:
    Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon, Rahul Singh, Kunal Kaushik
  • Banner:
    PVP cinemas, Matinee Entertainment
  • Producer:
    Anvesh Reddy, Venkatramana Reddy Prasad V Potluri, NM Pasha, Jagan Mohan Vancha
  • Music:
    Krishna Kumar
  • Release Dt :
    Feb, 17 2017

Ghazi Story

Ghazi is all about the unknown war episodes that took place in 1971 between India and Pakistan. Things change completely after PNS Ghazi enters into Indian waters. An Indian submarine S21 lead by Ranvijay Singh (Kay Kay Menon) and Arjun Varma (Rana Daggubati) handles the unexpected situations with utmost ease. Ghazi is all about India’s counter attack on Pakistan and how things took place. Watch Ghazi to know about what all happened in this process.

Ghazi Analysis

Ghazi Movie Review and Ratings

The first half of Ghazi starts on a decent note and it narrates about the situations across the sea and what all happens in a submarine. The movie turns interesting after the real plot unfolds. The movie has no commercial aspects, but the director made sure that the audience are never disappointed. With a decent interval episode, the first half of Ghazi is worth watching. 

The second half of Ghazi makes a strong impact on the audience. The movie races to the top and the film elevates at the right point of time. The war episodes have been shot exceptionally well and the visual effects are a treat for the audience to be watched on main screen. The last 20 minutes of Ghazi will leave the audience thrilled and will take the film to the next level. On the whole, the second half of Ghazi is sure a classic.


Rana Daggubati makes it big with Ghazi and he scores a massive solo hit as an actor. His performance along with presence is the major highlight of the film. Kay Kay Menon is the other highlight of Ghazi and he excelled with perfection in the role of Ranvijay Singh. Atul Kulkarni has been apt for his role and he shined in the assigned character. Tapsee Pannu, Om Puri, Nassar and others supported the film well with their contributions. 

The story of the movie has been derived from the war episodes between India and Pakistan that took place in 1971. The screenplay and the dialogues look perfect for the movie. The cinematography and the background score are the assets for Ghazi and the production values need a special mention. The grand VFX effects elevated the film well and debutant Sankalp handled Ghazi with perfection. His presentation has been outstanding. 

Ghazi Final Word

Ghazi is one of the finest films and it will make a huge impact on Indian cinema. Lavish war episodes and grand visuals along with gripping narration makes the film worth watching.

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  • Ghazi Movie Review and Ratings
  • Ghazi Movie Review and Ratings
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