Brahmotsavam Movie Review and Ratings

by Aravind
Brahmotsavam Movie Review and Ratings
  • Rating:
    1.5 out of 5 (1.5/5)
  • Director:
    Srikanth Addala
  • Cast:
    Mahesh Babu, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Kajal Aggarwal, Pranitha Subhash
  • Banner:
    PVP cinema, G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
  • Producer:
    Prasad V. Potluri, Mahesh Babu
  • Music:
    Mickey J. Meyer, Mani Sharma
  • Release Dt :
    May, 20 2016

Brahmotsavam Story

Chanti Babu (Satyaraj) believes in staying together and likes developing family relations. He takes the entire family to an untouchable position because of which he gets valued over other members of his joint family. This will not go well with his brother-in-law (Rao Ramesh), who then decides to get his daughter (Pranitha) married to Chanti Babu’s son (Mahesh Babu).

But the actual twist comes when Rao Ramesh finds out that Mahesh loves Kajal. Irritated with this, Rao bursts out in front of Chanti Babu, which leads to the demise of the latter. Mahesh will then take the responsibility of uniting the family back. The consequences he faced in this process forms the crux.

Brahmotsavam Analysis

Brahmotsavam Movie Review and Ratings

The first 20 minutes of Brahmotsavam would be interesting and starts dipping down later with several unwanted emotional episodes and the repeated content following. Too many songs have been placed in the first half an hour after which the movie has nothing much to be revealed. The pre-climax episodes gets dragged too much which becomes a test for the patience of the audience. Though the interval episode has been expected, it has been decent. On the whole the first half of the film has moments to get rejoiced but it doesn’t really impress you.

Coming to the second half, the film has several boring episodes, lacking proper plot and adding to it, the way it is executed kills the complete film. The songs have been misplaced completely and the real needed emotional episodes make their entry right at the climax that makes no impact on the film. Brahmotsavam is a utter disappointment in all the aspects except the lavish visuals and the soothing music along with some stunning cinematography. 


Mahesh Babu has done justice for the character he was awarded, showcasing the sentiment, romance and several emotions. Samantha has been bubbly and energetic in the assigned role. Kajal is impressive and her stunning looks in the film, made one fall for her. Pranitha just got a small supporting role and has nothing much to do with it.

Satyaraj pulls out the film and turns it with his emotional knock in all the episodes he has been present. Rao Ramesh has been ruggish and fearless throughout. All the other actors Shiyaji Shiney, Naresh, Revathi, Jayasudha and others have been decent with their assignments.

There is no clarity in the story or to say there is no proper structure to the story. Mixing up several different elements and filling the duration of 2.5 hours is what happened to Brahmotsavam. Adding to it, the narration is weaker and especially the pre-climax episodes literally tests the patience of the audience. 

The songs and the background score have been up to the needed marks. It is the cinematography which takes the major turn in the movie. The production values need to be mentioned specially. Visuals are grand and that richness can be felt in every frame. Director Srikanth Addala has failed in scripting, screenplay and even the dialogues which could not make any impact, other than giving headache to the audience.

Brahmotsavam Final Word

Weak script, even more weak narration, makes Brahmotsavam a let down.

By Phani Ch

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  • Brahmotsavam Movie Review and Ratings
  • Brahmotsavam Movie Review and Ratings