Sikindar Movie Review

  • Film : Sikindar
  • Producer : Sirisha - Sridhar, N.Subash Chandrabose
  • Director : N.Lingusamy
  • Star Cast : Suriya, Samantha...
  • Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Sikindar is the most anticipated movie of the year. Tamil Superstar Suriya is playing dual role in this film and will be spotted in a new look. Bollywood actor Vidyut Jamwal will also be seen in a vital role while dusky beauty Samantha is the female protagonist.

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Raju Bhai [Suriya] is big mafia don in Mumbai city. Along with his best friend Chandu [Vidyut Jamwal], Raju Bhai makes international settlements and amasses huge wealth. Raju Bhai falls in love with Jeeva [Samantha] and there occurs a huge change in the plot with the entry of Imran Bhai [Manoj Bhajpai] who wants to kill Raju and Chandu.

Meanwhile, Krishna [Suriya] brother of Raju Bhai lands in Mumbai, in search of him. He tries to trace with the help of his close aides. Will Krishna find his brother Raju Bhai and will Imran Bhai win over Raju forms the plot.

Analysis :


We expect something new for Tamil makers when they arrive with star actors. But unfortunately this film shorts fall of expectations and comes with an outdated story. However, the movie is high on technical aspects. The first half of the movie is quite good nevertheless it is the second half that entirely becomes predictable. We can clearly say that director Lingusamy did not handle the film well and Sikindar seriously disappoints the hardcore Suriya fans too.

Performance :


This is tailor made role for Suriya, he excelled in both the roles, looked more stylish. Vidyut Jamwal is okay while Samantha showed her skin more compared to Alludu Seenu. Samantha will surprise everyone by sporting in bikini also. Brahmanandam is completely wasted and his character does not provide any laughs.

Only the action episodes, the romance track between Samantha and Suriya are watchable. Even the much hype item song of Bollywood babes Chitrangada does not attract.

Final Word: We always create combinations but Sikindar is one movie which also suggests, a proper script should also fit the team of technicians.