Ulavacharu Biryani Review

  • Film : Ulavacharu Biryani
  • Producer : Prakash Raj, K. S. Ramarao
  • Director : Prakash Raj
  • Star Cast : Prakash Raj, Sneha, Urvashi...
  • Music Director : Ilaiyaraaja

Ulavacharu Biryani is the remake of Malayalam super hit Salt N Pepper. The movie was made in three languages at a time by actor Prakash Raj. Actress Sneha makes a comeback with this film post her marriage.

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Unknowingly, this friendship goes...



Kalidasu [Prakash Raj] is archeologist by profession but he loves cooking. Gowri is an unmarried dubbing artist who lives with Meghana [Samyukta Homda]. Tired by work, Gowri accidentally calls Kalidasu thinking of him to be home delivery boy. With small misunderstanding, their relation eventually grows and one fine day both plan to meet up. However Kalidasu sends his son-in-law Tejas [Naveen] while Gowri sends Meghana. How these circumstances affect Kalidasu-Gowri love story and how they unite forms the plot.

Analysis :


We all know how successful was Prakash Raj as an actor. But he hasn't proved as a director and this film too falls in the same category. Clarity over the main plot gets diverted by sub-plots which irks the audience and make Ulavacharu Biryani a predictable movie.

However, Prakash Raj was good at minor things like introducing the characters and selecting a different script but the execution went wrong.

Coming to the technical department, Cinematography is top notch and you feel that PC Sreeram is the cameraman. However his niece Preetha handled the camera. Music by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja is excellent and the background music is the biggest asset for the film.

Performance :


Prakash Raj is brilliant and probably for the first time he acted as foodie. Sneha who was not seen all these years, is back with a good performance. All the homely appearance makes the audience feel good. Naveen and Samyukta share a good chemistry.

Rest of the cast like MS Narayana, Brahmaji, Urvashi were okay but they have no connection to the main plot.

Final Word: Ulavacharu Biryani lacks the special ingredients to taste it [to watch]. However for fresh story can be watched once with little bit of patience.