Green Signal Review

  • Film : Green Signal
  • Producer : Rudrapati Ramana Rao
  • Director : Vijay Maddala
  • Star Cast : Revanth, Manali Rathod, Shilpi Sharma...
  • Music Director : JB

Green Signal is the official remake of Bollywood's Pyar Ka Punchnama and all the leading actors in this film are newcomers. Vijay Maddhala directed the movie while Jeevan Babu [JB] composed music.

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The story is about four friends who are highly successful in their professional career. Luckily nobody has girl friend and even though they are ready to mingle. As the time progresses, each of them finds a girl for themselves.

The rest of the story is how life changes of these four friends when their love lady enters.

Analysis :


As the movie is remake of Hindi Pyar Ka Punchnama, one can pin a gripping screenplay, however Green Signal falls short of expectations. While the Hindi flick was hilarious and humorous, the Telugu version lacks both and make it like a routine film. The only fresh thing in the movie is the script, but gets predictable. The first half is bit entertaining and second half is not upto the mark. The glamor show of heroine attracts.

Performance :


All the leading actors have performed decently. Revanth is good and Rakshita displayed her skin. Maanas was the show stopped. He performed exceedingly well and dominates everyone.

Final Word: Green Signal is 'GO' signal for you to walk out of theatre.