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Alais Janaki is a small budget film created under the direction of Daya and production of Neelima Thirumalasetty of Panjaa fame. With newcomers Venkat Rahul, Megastar's relative, and Anisha Ambrose playing the lead roles, the film is made with the intention of a substance filled witty entertainer. However, not all films reach that status.

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Working with the GHMC town planning department, Janaki Ram played by Venkat is a law abiding citizen. He comes to be known for his fearless ways as a Government employee, under the idealistic training of his dad. Honesty as always, attracts dishonesty and this time it takes the form of local Don called Mysa. Occupying government land is his goal. While Janaki Ram is advised to cut back a little on his idealistic nature, Mysa continues to create trouble for the responsible hero. Their interactions and decisions make up the rest.

Analysis :


While Anisha Ambrose plays the role of the honest guy's girlfriend decently, the movie's screenplay suffers from the beginning. There are only a few captivating scenes that pull out emotions. Despite an interesting plot, there is no flow to the proceedings. The story of Alias Janaki is not told in a captivating way. Screenplay is one thing to blame for the failure of the movie to convey what it actually wanted to. Sometimes it is too elaborate and sometimes too short and sometimes the situations that follow were easy enough to anybody’s guess.

Performance :


The debutant Rahul Venkat acted alright but did not show any creativity. May be he was a good and obedient actor for the production team, but nothing interesting can be expected in his acting in this movie. Although heroine Anisha did her best, her carved role in the movie did not give much scope to showcase her talent.

The movie was praised in the promos as a revolutionary, message oriented and a feel good action entertainer but the presentation failed to match the interest created by the promo. Even songs were not timed properly and not picturized in a creative manner. It spoiled the charm of very well composed tunes. On the other hand, Tanikella Bharani and Naga Babu were good in their respective characters.

Final Word: Going by the lead actor's stony expressions and illogical flow of the film, you don’t miss anything if you give Alias Janaki a miss.

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