Bus Stop

Bus Stop  Review
  • Film : Bus Stop
  • Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
  • Director : Maruti
  • Star Cast : Prince, Sri Divya, Rao Ramesh, Sai Kumar, Hasika...
  • Music Director : J.B

It might have released silently, but its collections are surprising everyone. Well, we are talking about Bus Stop that released on Saturday at some places and officially on Sunday. Damarukam's postponement and no movie at competition, Bus Stop film unit has all reason to smile. But then don't think that this lone factor made Bus Stop a grand success. There's some interesting content in the movie that will surely leave you relaxed for a couple of minutes in the theatre. Quickly go through our review to find why Bus Stop got three stars.

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Bus Stop


This is an obvious story-a tale between couple of youngsters and their love stories that begin at bus stop. And so comes the name Bus Stop. The movie basically revolve between two persons- Srinu (Prince) and Sailu (Sri Divya). They being close friends, their childhood emotion accidentally blossoms into love. However, they kill their love for the sake of their parents. What are the emotions that they go through after separation and how they realize the importance of parents forms the remaining part of the film.

Analysis :

Bus Stop  review

The story was okay. The direction of Maruti was good. There's plenty of entertainment that will make you feel-oh interval so soon-the moment bells ring after an hour of movie's start. To the family audience, the movie might not be their cup of tea since a good amount of obscenity went into the picture. Music was also good and so was cinematography.

Performance :

Bus Stop  review

The acting of Prince was okay. Sri Divya's acting was not that good. She was unable to portray some sensitive emotions. Other actors did their best especially Ramesh.

Final Word: A perfect entertainment to those who love adult comedy.


(AW- Phani)