Twitter character limit will not count mentions, attachments

May 25, 2016 15:32
Twitter character limit will not count mentions, attachments

Twitter has now decided not to count the mentions and attachments in its 140 character limit and thus make available for its users to make bigger tweets.

User name mentions in replies and multimedia attachments such as gifs, videos or photos will no longer count towards the limit of 140 characters.

With the latest decision, the users can now tag more people and larger groups can be formed. It seems, that there is no limit about the number of people that can be tagged, but this is expected to witness some spammy situations.

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Not just limitless tagging others, but also there would be no limit to the number of multimedia attachments in a tweet. Videos, polls or quote tweets will not use up any characters.

Ability of retweeting self and quoting self is another major change, twitter has decided to make. With this, the users can update their previous tweet, if they wish to. The announcement of the fresh changes is expected to be out soon.

By Phani Ch

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