Research Claims That Xiaomi Records Your Web And Phone Use

May 01, 2020 18:10
Research Claims That Xiaomi Records Your Web And Phone Use

Research Claims That Xiaomi Records Your Web And Phone Use:- As per the research, Xiaomi phones have a backdoor functionality to record the usage of web and phone use. Gabi Cirlig came to know that his Redmi Note 8 was being watched and the data was sent to remote servers hosted by the Alibaba which is rented by Xiaomi. Gabi Cirlig happens to be a cybersecurity researcher who said that the worrying amount of data is transferred. He was soon left worried that his private life was exposed because of the use of Xiaomi phone. All the websites he browsed were recorded including the search engine queries and the news feed that was browsed or viewed on Xiaomi. The biggest surprise is that all the information browsed by Cirlig was recorded even in the incognito mode.

All this recorded data was sent to the remote servers in Russia and Singapore. Another cybersecurity researcher Andrew Tierney found that the browsers of Xiaomi on Google Play, Mi Browser and the Mint were collecting the same information. This is sure a privacy issue but Xiaomi denied that there was no such problem. Xiaomi happens to be one of the top smartphone makers in the world after Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Cirlig said that he downloaded the firmware of other Xiaomi devices and confirmed that they too had the same code of browsing which means their data too is transferred. Xiaomi claims that the date was being encrypted when transferred in an attempt so as to protect the user's privacy.

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