How Human Race Look Like After 100000 years?

December 05, 2013 15:04
How Human Race Look Like After 100000 years?

Physical bodies are subject to changes as scientists discovered. The present physical body of the human being was something different 100000 years ago. The physical body after taking so many changes has reached today’s shape. Feature of a living thing is called ‘trait’ in genetics. A person’s eye color, height, blood types, resistance to diseases etc are traits. These traits change with the changes in the environment to adjust to it and sustain life.

If we go 100000 years forward and attempt to know how human race look like, it needs a good study and knowledge of genomics. Nickoloy Lamm a doctorate in computational genomics from Washington University with the assistance taken from Dr.Alan Kwan made imaginary human faces and explained how they were arrived at.

The computerized presentation of Lamm consisting of four pictures show human faces at present, after 20000 years, after 60000 years and after 100000 years from now.  Excepting the size of the heads got bigger to hold larger brains, no other changes can be seen in the second picture of imaginary 20000 later faces.

In the 60000 later picture heads have grown further larger along with the eyes. Dr.Lamm gives reason for this as the result of human colonization in the solar system where people live in less light. Eyelids become thicker to safe guard against UV rays for the people living outside ozone layer.

In the 100000 later pictures of human beings a lot of changes can be seen. Eyes will be bigger as, “eye-shine enhance low-light vision and even a sideways blink from re-constituted plica semilunaris” to offer extra protection against cosmic rays.  Faces will be symmetrical from left to right. Nostrils also will be bigger to facilitate easy breathing in off planet environments. Hair will be denser to contain heat loss from their larger heads.

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Dr.Lamm of course agrees that future cannot be predicted and as such it is not a prediction but can be called as a speculation.

But, with the development of genetic engineering going at a fast pace, it should not take 100000 years to change ourselves to suit to the changing environments as we need not leave it to the nature to make changes in us, as critics think about the theory of Dr.Lamm worked on the project of “What do you think the human face might look like in 100,000 years and why?”


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