Life Time Countdown Watch

October 09, 2013 10:08
Life Time Countdown Watch

Is it not great! Yes, it is also a need of the day, thinks the maker of the wrist watch that ticks to count down of the life span of the person that wears it.  Fredrik Colting who created the watch "Tikker" is in the opinion that the watch will show the time left so that the person can utilize his time in a better manner without wasting it.  

It works this way.  Before setting up the Tikker, a case sheet has to be filled up regarding the health condition and age of the person for which a booklet consisting of a questionnaire will be supplied.  Then after setting up the watch with those details, the exact time left for the person in his life up to seconds will be shown in the watch.

For everything there is a positive and negative approach.  If it is taken positively as the Fredrik expects it is good and serves the purpose.  But if a person tends to get nervous for the time ticking away in his life time and gets in to a depressive mood then they better avoid it.  

So many people are interested in knowing their future.  They approach astrology, palmistry, hora, nadi sastra, numerology and so many other sciences.  If the future is bright as per the prediction, for a positive person gets encouraged to work with boosted spirits.  If the same prediction is given to a lethargic person, he will think that any how stars are favoring then what is the need to work hard?  Suppose the prediction is that the person is going through a bad time, the positive thinking person will try to work hard so that it will balance the star impact.  In the same situation a person with negative approach will think that anyway it is a bad time and why waste efforts?

So all depends on the approach one takes in his life.  For a positive thinking man a watch like Tikker will certainly help in making future plans.  Of course, accidents, growth of new ailments due to pollution and deaths due to natural and manmade calamities cannot be calculated by the watch.  Don’t blame it for that.  It counts forward fast taking the present condition and taking for granted that there will not be any change in it.


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