Break-up With a Person you Aren't Officially Dating

November 04, 2013 17:21
Break-up With a Person you Aren't Officially Dating

Breakups in any relationship is never easy. And, break-up with a person whom are not actually dating becomes a lot more difficult. In such relations the status of the prospective partner isn't clear as both call themselves 'just good friends.' There was never any serious talk about commitment. We all go through this during our socialization sprees. Break-up of such relations can be really ugly and bitter if not handled carefully.

Following  relationship tips will help you in your break-up.

Evaluate your feelings

Do you really feel something deep-down for this person. Be honest to yourself and this person, and let go of him/her if you don't feel anything. If you really feel something for this someone then take the first step and talk it out. You can also take  love advice from a trustworthy friend.

Whether to remain friends

Remaining friends after a break-up is generally  uncomfortable for both. Assess the situation properly before deciding to keep in touch or to cut-off completely.
Face-to-face break-up

Clear all doubts about the relationship by meeting the person face-to-face. Ending relationship over the phone or via emails leave ample scope of doubt so it's important to meet the person and make your points clear to him/her.  

Stay out of touch

In case you have decided to stay away from each other then stick to your decision. There is no harm in remaining friends but it is advisable to stay out of touch after such breakups.

Talk it Out

Have a serious talk about the relationship between the two and its direction. Probably there is no romance between the two of you and there would be no heart-break. Honesty is the best option in such discussions.

Kiss Goodbye

Even if there was a slim chance for the relation to survive it would have, as the other person would have made efforts to put life into the relationship. But things are different, so it's best to let go and put your emotions elsewhere.

To sum-up it's better to meet and break-up, rather than just stop talking and give a cold shoulder to this person whom you aren’t dating officially.

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