Loving your kids??? Love them right

March 18, 2013 15:34
Loving your kids??? Love them right

You might have come across that mischievous kid who rules his/her parents and makes sure what ever being asked is to be given on time, irrespective of the use of what they have asked for. This is not all, may be their ill behavior, not possessing manners when they are with elders and even with their parents and stubborn attitude to get what they want... all these behavioral traits in kids will make them turn very much negative when they grow up... and majorly this behavioral trait is inculcated in them because of we, their parents. Extra love and care shown by us on them, we fulfilling whatever they ask for in the name of 'loving' them and not warning their ill behavior at a very first go will make them turn impossible to handle later. And if we don't change them at their early age, don't expect them to change later. So, bring up your kids right;

If your kid says, 'buy me what I want otherwise I will break your mobile/T.V./anything that is available within my reach or I will harm myself', do not tolerate this kind of a behavior from your kid. Warn them and make them understand you can not only love them but also can show your anger, if they don't possess a right behavior. If not at a first go, they will understand this slowly and inculcate the habit of thinking 'what is right for them... what they want and what not' at a later stage...

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