Driverless cars under manufacture

July 08, 2013 19:24
Driverless cars under manufacture

Cars will now drive themselves. Until now, it was just Google and San Francisco that experienced driverless cars. Now it could be a reality worldwide with Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota beginning to manufacture the cars.

Self-driving vehicles may soon make up the entire traffic jam and make a huge difference in the way traffic is handled. There are numerous advantages, as can be expected, with cars that manage on their own. They could mean less waiting for parking, as the cars can drop you off and promptly go looking for a parking spot. Traffic lights will become less of an annoyance as hidden sensors present inside the cars can coordinate with traffic on the streets.

Within the next decade, driverless cars are forcasted to become a common sight on the roads. The only factors stopping the sci-fi fantasy from becoming reality are forbidding regulatory issues.

Photo Courtesy: The Sidney Morning Herald, Andrew Maclean

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