How Karma Views Our Curses and Blessings

July 04, 2019 17:31
How Karma Views Our Curses and Blessings

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How Karma Views Our Curses and Blessings:- Curse is a word that has strong response. No one wishes to be cursed and everyone finally bids goodbye from this world and one should be free from any curse. When we were kids, we heard many stories about windfalls and curses. Holy men and scriptures extol sages gained miraculous powers through dedication alone. Such people would curse someone if they got annoyed with them which left the person suffer for a long time. In a similar way, if they are pleased with some one, they would bless them.

In this 21st century, most of them wonder about these curses and blessings. Do we humans actually possess such powers? Some blessings last forever and some just last for few minutes. Lots of mythical stories are about kings, warriors who benefit from divinity. Once a person gets a windfall, he need not labour further for that which he has already received. The universal law of karma says that who you sow will reap you.

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