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  • Supreme Court about women officers, Supreme Court about women officers, supreme court s big verdict on women officers, Women office

    Supreme Court's Big Verdict On Women Officers 17 March 2020

    Supreme Court's Big Verdict On Women Officers:- The Supreme Court today clarified that the women officers too can sail with the same efficiency as male officers. The Supreme Court cleared the permanent commission for women in Indian Navy and it...

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    family women, motherhood, women s role in multitasking, Women office

    women's role in multitasking... 03 December 2012

    'Multitasking and women go hand in hand... women are best at multitasking'... these are known and heard by us... but, are really women best at multitasking? Can we women multitask? Really? The concept of multitasking and women being connected with...

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    Women rights, women lifestyle india, lady thatcher to be honoured with state funeral, Women office

    Lady Thatcher to be honoured with State funeral 08 December 2011

    Margaret Thatcher is to be given the ultimate accolade of a State funeral when she reaches the end of her days – the first British Prime Minister since Winston Churchill to be afforded such an honour. But the possibility of...

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    kitchen women, privilege women, have some work in life, Women office

    Have some WORK in life 10 December 2012

    Woman are no less than men... in fact, they are much better in handling things than men.' these statements are true to much extent, but not all women have a privilege of stepping out of home and work. forget about...

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