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  • Telangana, Telangana, heavy rains cause huge traffic jams in hyderabad, Traffic jams

    Heavy rains Cause Huge Traffic Jams in Hyderabad 17 September 2016

    Heavy rains caused worst-ever traffic jams that also during peak hours on Friday. Almost all main roads were waterlogged and jammed for hours. With traffic remaining standstill even after 9 pm, Hyderabad police commissioner M. Mahendar Reddy ordered law and order...

    Keywords: Heavy Rainfall, water logging, Heavy Rainfall, Traffic jams

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    Bakrid, Bakrid, prevent animal slaughter on bakrid dcp, Traffic jams

    Prevent Animal Slaughter on Bakrid: DCP 08 September 2016

    As Bakrid is around the corner, a new notice has been announced. In the notice, it is said that there will be no sale of sheep at the Mehdipatnam-Nanalnagar junction keeping in the note about the traffic congestion.Every year an...

    Keywords: cow, cow, slaughter, cow

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    Heavy rains in AP, traffic jams, farmers acknowledge city despairs, Traffic jams

    Farmers acknowledge – City despairs 22 August 2011

    Heavy rains in the entire state has had mixed reactions from the public.  It had bought smile on the farmers face since it is the right time to sow, with the onset. But on the other hand the cities and towns...

    Keywords: Monsoon, Andhra, agriculture, traffic jams

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    rain in twin cities, rain in twin cities, rain brings respite, Traffic jams

    Rain brings respite 22 April 2013

    Hyderabadis had a cool evening today as skies opened up. After scorching heat for the couple of days, rain drops made people come out of their homes and offices and enjoy the cool evening. Mirchi bajji vendors were in all...

    Keywords: rain in hyderabad, traffic jams rain hyderabad, hyderabad rains, rain in hyderabad

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    Bangalore news, Bangalore news, bangalore news bus strike causes traffic snarls, Traffic jams

    Bangalore News: Bus strike causes traffic snarls 13 September 2012

    Several commuters from living in and around Bangalore complained of large and tight traffic snarls today which were reportedly caused by a strike from the state buses. A few buses were also offered protection by the police. "No untoward incident...

    Keywords: bus strike, Bangalore news, traffic jams, Bangalore news

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    bad traffic in Hyderabad, rains in Hyderabad, lost charm of nawabi city, Traffic jams

    Lost charm of Nawabi City 18 July 2012

    Just like how a coin has two sides, the rainy season in Hyderabad has two shades. On a brighter side, rains bring respite from hot summer and on the dull side rains cause havoc. Although Hyderabad is on par with...

    Keywords: Nawabi City, rains in Hyderabad, rains in Hyderabad, bad traffic in Hyderabad

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    Ganesh immersion, water, ganesh immersion to continue today in hyderabad, Traffic jams

    Ganesh Immersion to Continue today in Hyderabad 16 September 2016

    The Ganesh immersion will continue today also from North Zone. Due to this, the police have issued an advisory for traffic diversions.Police said “people were advised to start early to reach their workplaces and schools as the processions are likely...

    Keywords: traffic jams, idols, traffic jams, Ganesh immersion

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    sudden winds and rains, Nature, after heat it is wind now, Traffic jams

    After heat it is wind now 29 May 2013

    After the heat waves it is the turn of the wind blowing and rain to disrupt normal life in the State. A huge tree in front of GHMC office in Hyderabad fell down due to wind and some two wheelers...

    Keywords: pollution, heat waves, Deforestation, due to wind

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    traffic jams rain hyderabad, hyderabad rains, heavens opened up in hyderabad, Traffic jams

    Heavens opened up in Hyderabad 22 April 2013

    Hyderabadis had a cool evening today as skies opened up. After scorching heat for the couple of days, rain drops made people come out of their homes and offices and enjoy the cool evening. Mirchi bajji vendors were in all...

    Keywords: traffic jams rain hyderabad, traffic jams rain hyderabad, rain in twin cities, hyderabad rains

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    Met Department, National, delhi doused in the heaviest rains this monsoon, Traffic jams

    Delhi doused in the heaviest rains this monsoon 21 August 2012

    On Tuesday morning, there were thousands of people who were stranded in the traffic jams with heaviest rainfalls of the monsoon this year. Most parts of the city turned mucky but the Met Department foresees that the city would have...

    Keywords: Connaught Place, Connaught Place, National, Met Department

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    Hyderabad news, Hyderabad temperatures, thunderstorm in hyderabad power outage and traffic jams, Traffic jams

    Thunderstorm In Hyderabad: Power Outage And Traffic Jams 07 April 2018

    Thunderstorm In Hyderabad: Power Outage And Traffic Jams:- When the temperatures have been keeping Hyderabadis soaring, the hail and thunderstorms have been bringing huge relief for the people in the city. For the second time this week, the city witnessed...

    Keywords: Hyderabad latest, Hyderabad latest, Hyderabad hot, Hyderabad rain

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    traffic jams, summer rains, rain dips temperature in hyd bad, Traffic jams

    Rain dips temperature in Hyd'bad 23 April 2012

    Heavy downpour was witnessed in Hyderabad in the early hours of Monday that has thrown life almost out of gear in the city. The hot climate in Hyderabad has suddenly turned cool at around 4 AM this morning followed by...

    Keywords: traffic jams, heavy rain, traffic jams, summer rains

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    AP news, Heavy rains, cm ensures steps to combat rain, Traffic jams

    CM ensures steps to combat rain 22 August 2011

    As an instant reaction to combat the heavy down pour, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. KIran Kumar Reddy visited the rain hit areas in the city and instructed officials to be alert for emergencies. The state had seen massive...

    Keywords: N. Kiran kumar reddy, Public reaction, Hyderabad news, Rains

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    Rainfall, Hyderabad, delhi gurgaon hyderabad witness heavy rainfall, Traffic jams

    Delhi, Gurgaon & Hyderabad witness Heavy Rainfall 31 August 2016

    Heavy rains lash on Wednesday morning caused water logging in many areas and massive traffic jams in Hyderabad, Delhi and Gurgaon. 5cm to 7cm rain recorded in parts of Hyderabad. Officials advised people to stay indoors. Hyderabad GHMC Commissioner instructed sanitary...

    Keywords: Delhi, Delhi, traffic jams, Gurgaon

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