• top viral videos of the week, pool guiding aid, video wishesh top 6 videos for this week, Tattoo

    Video Wishesh: Top 6 videos for this week 09 March 2013

    Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The weekend seems to be going great, isn't it? With preparations for Mahashivarathri tomorrow, looks like the houses have been decorated grand to receive your guests. After your tedious jobs of cleaning and decorating houses, you...

    Keywords: subaru impreza 360, top viral videos of the week, military tattoo, subaru 360

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    lady racer Alisha abdullah huge fan of Allu Arjun, Alisha Abdullah crush on Allu arjun, lady biker s crush on stylish star, Tattoo

    Lady biker's crush on Stylish star 03 July 2014

    Allu Arjun is one of the most stylish actors in our Tollywood and Mollywood. He comes up with something new in every of his films and so fans get wow. So far normal audience would like Bunny but race biker...

    Keywords: Celebrity News, Alisha Abdullah in Girl with Dragon Tattoo, Lady biker's crush on Stylish star, Lady biker's crush on Stylish star

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    Unbelievable facts, Weird facts, extremes of showing anger on trains, Tattoo

    Extremes of showing anger on trains 15 May 2015

    Whenever, the trains are delayed, we get frustrated and show the anger at that point of time itself. But a man, took this issue much more forward by applying a tattoo on his leg saying 'f*** southern'. The 23 years...

    Keywords: Weird facts, Weird facts, Southern tattoo, Weird facts

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    Kolleru, Esha Deol tattoo, will kavuri be pacified morning wishesh, Tattoo

    Will Kavuri be pacified? Morning Wishesh 13 December 2012

    Tirupati: Devotees influx normal today, however 53,465 pilgrims visited the temple town on Wednesday. In the early hours of the day about 6 compartments are filled and the average darshan time is just four hours. TTD plans extensively for Vaikunta...

    Keywords: Tollywood's Hottest Controversy, Gujarat elections, Kavuri, Tmeeet

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    Jump Jilani heroine Isha Chawla tattoo, Isha Chawla flaunts her tattoo, isha chawla flaunts her tattoo, Tattoo

    Isha Chawla flaunts her tattoo 12 June 2014

    Tollywood heroine Isha Chawla got inked recently on the back of her right shoulder and is flaunting the tattoo in photo-shoots and to the world without hesitation. The tattoo is a Devanagiri script, in others words we can call it...

    Keywords: Jump Jilani heroine tattoo, Isha Chawla flaunts her tattoo, Isha Chawla flaunts her tattoo, Hot Buzz

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    Tattoos ink nanoparticles, Tattoo punctures on skin, beware of cancerous tattoos, Tattoo

    Beware of Cancerous Tattoos 23 September 2013

    Trees grow on their own because of the Nature's provision for them.  But we grow them as per our need at the convenient place to facilitate our consumption which is called cultivation.   A spot on the skin serves no purpose...

    Keywords: Tattoo punctures on skin, Bradford University, Tattoos ink cause cancer, Tattoo punctures on skin

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    movie, neck, tapsee gets flying birds tattoo on her neck, Tattoo

    Tapsee gets Flying Birds Tattoo on her Neck 24 September 2016

    Big B Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Paanu starrer ‘Pink’ has hit the theaters and receiving mixed responses at the box office. The movie revolves around the unspoken aspects of human relationship, both past and present. Pink is courtroom drama about gender...

    Keywords: tattoo, neck, tattoo, movie

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    Tatto convections, fans, tattoo fans flew to israel for third annual tattoo convention, Tattoo

    Tattoo Fans Flew to Israel for Third Annual Tattoo Convention 08 October 2016

    The German tattoo model, whose entire face is covered in inkings, including his eyeballs, has travelled from Berlin to attend the third annual Israel Tattoo Convention.And judging from his torso, he's keen on roses, zombies and cats.Magneto is just one...

    Keywords: body, fans, fans, fans

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    mastectomy surgery, Angelina Jolie, angelina gets inked for the nth time, Tattoo

    Angelina gets inked for the nth time 11 September 2013

    Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie known to have displayed ostentatiously her latest tattoo. The tattoo was known to be her 18th impression accompanied in a short-sleeved black top in Australia. Further, it was mentioned in detail by the Mirror that the...

    Keywords: Arabic saying, Arabic, Angelina Jolie, Arabic saying

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    Tattoo, bold expression, tattoo is a bold expression, Tattoo

    Tattoo is a bold expression 07 December 2012

    Tatoo is a bold expression of self and also for gaining prominence. Following the westerners as usual, our youth are crazy over these minor demons sculpted on the body. In fact more than being a mere fashion it has been...

    Keywords: bold expression, Tattoo, 07 December, Irezumi

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    Emirati, tattoos, tattooed prisoner stripped in court and left all stunned, Tattoo

    Tattooed prisoner stripped in court and left all stunned! 20 March 2013

    On Tuesday, people in court were stunned when a person held in custody stripped to his waist to expose how he ended up with more than 12 tattoos on his body during 39 months in waiting. Moreover, the 33-year-old Emirati...

    Keywords: Tattooed prisoner, Emirati, Mohammad Jamal, Emirates

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    ways to avoid tattoo problems, tattooing tips, simple tips to take care of your tattoo, Tattoo

    Simple tips to take care of your tattoo 29 August 2015

    Tattooing is the latest trend nowadays. Although it makes you look stylish, it is painful and even cause healing problems if customers fail to follow directions. Here are some basic and must follow instructions avoid tattoo problems. Follow the instructions...

    Keywords: how to avoid tattoo problems, Best tips to take care of tattoos, how to take care of tattoos, ways to avoid tattoo problems

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    Lucky Charm, Ink some good luck, making a tattoo statement, Tattoo

    Making a tattoo statement 10 September 2013

    With the whole world going big on body art, especially tattoos, it's about time that you too took the plunge. But hey! Wait. Before you get a name, script or a barbed wire inked permanently on your flesh,  check out...

    Keywords: Design, Tattoo, Design, Making a tattoo statement

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    Emma Watson, Emma Watson, did emma watson get a real tattoo, Tattoo

    Did Emma Watson get a real tattoo? 05 April 2013

    Emma Watson once told people that she is tired of the good girl image on the sets of Harry Potter. After the Harry Potter contracts expired, Emma Watson expressed great joy that she could now change the way she looked...

    Keywords: emma watson pictures, Emma Watson GQ cover, emma watson pictures, Emma Watson

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    hot buzz, deepika's tattoo, deepika padukone gets tattoo altered, Tattoo

    Deepika Padukone gets tattoo altered? 27 May 2014

    Deepika Padukone is more famous for her tattoo on Ranbir Kapoor's initials rather than her films. She got it inked when she was madly in love with Rockstar Ranbir but as we all know the relation ended on a bitter...

    Keywords: ranveer singh, ranveer singh, hot buzz, rk tattoo

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    Tattoo, Tattoo, ways to get rid of a permanent tattoo, Tattoo

    Ways To Get Rid Of A Permanent Tattoo 16 August 2017

    Ways To Get Rid Of A Permanent Tattoo:- It is very tempting in your late teens or early twenties to get a tattoo, especially if there is peer pressure from your friends. So many female celebrities appear in public now...

    Keywords: Tattoo, Tattoo Removal, Ways To Get Rid Of A Permanent Tattoo, How To Remove A Permanent Tattoo

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    Nayanthara, Nayanthara, arya nayan are raja rani trailer alert, Tattoo

    Arya Nayan are Raja Rani, Trailer alert 24 August 2013

    Marriages are the flavor this season. There is intense focus on weddings and what happens afterwards. As far as Tejaswini's marriage is concerned, the wedded couple and in laws, including Balakrishna, have visited Tirupati for now. Want to know what...

    Keywords: Nayanthara, Nayan Prabhu Deva affair, Arya, Love failure

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    Bhaskara Oru Rascal, Amala Paul, dusky mallu beauty s tattoo creates waves for new sex appeal, Tattoo

    Dusky Mallu Beauty’s Tattoo Creates Waves For New Sex Appeal 22 April 2017

    The dusky malayali beauty, Amala Paul’s tattoo is creating new waves for its newest sex appeal and there are some other reasons well to talk about. Now days, tattoos have become a fashionable accessories for the actresses. The actress got...

    Keywords: Bhaskara Oru Rascal, Amala Paul, Arvind Swamy, Sex appeal

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    Trisha tattoos, Power Kannada movie review, trisha turns tattoo freak, Tattoo

    Trisha turns tattoo freak 03 September 2014

    Heroine Trisha is on high as she made a dream start in Sandalwood. Her debut film 'Power' [Kannada - remake of Dookudu] hit the screens last Friday and garnered every reviews as well as response from all over the state....

    Keywords: Power Kannada movie, Trisha tattoos, Trisha tattoos, Trisha Tattoo

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    Namrata Shirodkar, Mahesh Babu son Gautam, namrata spotted with mahesh ink, Tattoo

    Namrata spotted with Mahesh ink 01 September 2014

    Former Miss India Namrata Shirodkar has got the names of her husband Mahesh Babu, daughter and son, inked on her forearm and during the audio release Aagadu, the tattoo was spotted by media. Mahesh Babu's name comes first then followed...

    Keywords: Mahesh Babu, Namrata tattoo, Mahesh Namrata, Mahesh Babu daughter Sitara

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