• telangana sabita indra reddy, sabita indra reddy, home minister expects statement on t by dec 9, Suryapet

    Home minister expects statement on T by Dec 9 26 November 2012

    Home minister Sabita Indra Reddy spoke on Telangana issue. She said she is expecting a statement on Telangana from the Centre on or before December 9. With KCR holding a press meet at Suryapet on Sunday, Telangana issue presumably dragged...

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    Redsandalwood, Telangana, dual state police on a mission, Suryapet

    Dual state police on a mission 07 April 2015

    Police from both the states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are on a mission now. Even though previously, the police proved their ability many times regarding attacks and serious issues in the states, this time police are identified specially for their...

    Keywords: Chittoor, Telangana, Redsandalwood, Redsandalwood

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    Telangana police, Suryapet, darga sheltered those 2 assailants, Suryapet

    Darga sheltered those 2 assailants 07 April 2015

    Nalgonda district Janakipuram encounter case takes a new turn. The assailants brought two bags along with them, but after the encounter, the whereabouts of those bags are not known. From the past 4 days the police are on a vigorous...

    Keywords: Suryapet, Telangana police, Suryapet, Suryapet

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    terrorists, terrorists, si siddhaiah dead, Suryapet

    SI Siddhaiah dead 07 April 2015

    Siddhaiah, the Sub Inspector of Police who was injured in the terrible Suryapet's terrorist attack has died now. After the attack, the police who was seriously injured got admitted in the Kamineni Hospital at LB nagar,  KCR, the Chief Minister...

    Keywords: Siddhaiah, Siddhaiah, terrorists, Siddhaiah

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    lady lecturer, Suicide in Suryapet Nalgonda district, lecturer commits suicide at suryapet, Suryapet

    Lecturer commits suicide at Suryapet 21 January 2012

    A lady lecturer committed suicide in Suryapet of Nalgonda district today. Police said the body of the lecturer Aruna, who worked in a local college, was found hanging to the ceiling fan in her residence. “The reasons for her suicide...

    Keywords: suicide in Suryapet, Lecturer suicide Suryapet, lady lecturer, Lecturer Hanging Suryapet

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    encounter, criminals, police kills criminals in encounter, Suryapet

    Police kills criminals in encounter 04 April 2015

    The two members who killed two policemen and injured  few other people were killed this Saturday morning which also took the lives of 2 cops and 2 other cops were left injured.     It is already known that on April 2nd ...

    Keywords: encounter, Suryapet, police, criminals

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    Telangana, Suryapet, any corner to protect si, Suryapet

    Any corner to protect SI 07 April 2015

    Telangana Sub Inspector of  Police Siddhaiah who has been shot by the assailants in the concerned attack in Suryapet, Nalgonda district, got admitted in the Kamineni Hospital at LB Nagar. Telangana Chief Minister KCR who went to give his regards...

    Keywords: Nalgonda district, Telangana, Telangana, Suryapet

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    TRS leader, probe against TRS leader, trs leader caught kicking youth in a video, Suryapet

    TRS Leader Caught Kicking Youth In A Video 21 November 2016

    The police has initiated investigation into the video, which showed a local TRS leader of Suryapet continuously kicking youth seeking job, which went viral.Sources said that the man who has been identified as Santosh, allegedly cheated youths after borrowing money...

    Keywords: Suryapet, Suryapet, probe against TRS leader, Suryapet

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    telangana state, vijayashanti on sharmila, ysrc a goons party vijayashanti, Suryapet

    YSRC-a goons' party: Vijayashanti 28 November 2012

    Medak MP Vijayashanti has told a top news channel that YSRC was a goons' party. She clarified as to why she couldn't attend the public meeting in Suryapet. Vijayashanti said she was seriously ill due to which she was not...

    Keywords: telangana state, vijayashanti on kcr, differences between kcr vijayashanti, vijayashanti on kcr

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    Mothkur Police Station, Suryapet, police encountered two simi fugitives, Suryapet

    Police encountered two SIMI fugitives 06 April 2015

    The two men who had launched a fatal attack on a home guard Mahesh and had grievously injured Circle Inspector Y Mogalaiah on Thursday, at Suryapet have been shot dead by the Telangana police on Saturday morning. A constable was...

    Keywords: Mehboob Guddu, Mohammad Aijajudden, Circle Inspector, Nalgonda District

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    Suryapet, Suryapet, siddhaiah s funeral completed, Suryapet

    Siddhaiah's funeral completed 09 April 2015

    Siddhaiah, the Sub Inspector of police who fought and died in the Suryapet terrorists incident final respects was held on Wednesday. The police took his last breath on Tuesday evening and on the same day night, his dead body was...

    Keywords: Siddhaiah, Siddhaiah, Siddhaiah, Siddhaiah

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    Suryapet, Telangana districts, now division within telangana, Suryapet

    Now division within Telangana 12 September 2014

    The Telangana government has decided to do internal division within the state of Telangana and we might expect seven new districts in the next six months. Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao directed Chief Commissioner of Land Administration [CCLA] to prepare...

    Keywords: Siddipet, Manchiryal, new districts Telangana, Manchiryal

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    Terrorists, Telangana police, terror hunt across nalgonda district, Suryapet

    Terror hunt across Nalgonda district 06 April 2015

    Telangana police suspect more terror attacks in and around Nalgonda district, regarding this, the state cops are planning to make high security measures for the district. Initially, six police teams and elite anti-Maoist force Greyhounds people are participating in the...

    Keywords: Terrorists, Telangana police, Bank robberies, Terrorists

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    Siddhaiah, KCR, final respects to siddhaiah, Suryapet

    Final respects to Siddhaiah 08 April 2015

    Siddhaiah, Sub Inspector of police who took part in the Suryapet terrorists attack was died on Tuesday.  His final respects will be held on Wednesday.The dual state people were deeply saddened by the incident. The SI who was injured badly...

    Keywords: Siddhaiah, Telangana, KCR, Telangana

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