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    Sunlight cuts diabetes by 50 %! 06 February 2013

    Scientists have now found that Vitamin D deficiency is a common phenomenon among Indians increase risk of type 1 diabetes . Moreover, a study at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), gave it's view that having adequate levels of vitamin...

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    this vitamin can cause asthma in children, Soy Products, source for vitamin d for vegetarians, Sunlight

    Source for vitamin D for Vegetarians 04 October 2012

    Weak muscles and poor bone density are some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. But there are chances that lack of this vitamin can cause asthma in children, cognitive impairment at an older age, intolerance to glucose and multiple...

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    Summer on the way... 15 February 2013

    Winter is on of course, but coming up is more dangerous... it is summer boss. Not many days left... while taking care of your health in winter, prepare for summer health care as well; It is better to stay indoors...

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    Sunlight Destroys Coronavirus Says US Scientists 24 April 2020

    Sunlight Destroys Coronavirus Says US Scientists:- As per the research done by the USA scientists, it is heard that the coronavirus can be destroyed quickly by sunlight. The study is not been made public and it needs an external evaluation...

    Keywords: Coronavirus latest, Coronavirus deaths, Coronavirus USA, Coronavirus latest

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