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  • fb withdrawn limitation for users under18, facebook for teens, facebook lifts restrictions of teenage users, Social network

    Facebook lifts restrictions of Teenage users 17 October 2013

    Facebook Inc known to have withdrawn a restrictive condition for users under18. That was preceding limited who could see their online postings from photos to getting absorbed in thought on the world-wide social network. The No.1 online social network said...

    Keywords: online social network, no more restrictive condition for teen users, civic engagement, facebook for teens

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    Twitter, Twitter Strategy, twitter changes its default profile photo into human silhouette, Social network

    Twitter Changes Its Default Profile Photo Into Human Silhouette 01 April 2017

    Social networking service, Twitter has now changed its default profile photo from “Twitter Egg”, to a new human silhouette. The Twitter Egg has been used since 2010, for users who do not upload their own photo. Individuals who have created...

    Keywords: Social Networking site, Twitter Strategy, Twitter Strategy, Human Silhouette

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    Tamannah account in Social Networking Site, Actress Tamannah, now you can follow tamannah, Social network

    Now You Can Follow Tamannah 04 December 2013

    Tamannah now can be followed easily. Being a busy star and having varied interests in her life Tamannah was somewhat hesitant to maintain a facebook or a twitter account. But now she is having a twitter account (@tamannaahspeaks) thanks to...

    Keywords: Tamannah account in Social Networking Site, Tamannah Movies, Its Entertainment movie, Tamannah's twitter account

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    TV Channels, Portals's Yellow Journalism agonizing artist's life, portals s yellow journalism agonizing artist s life, Social network

    Portals's Yellow Journalism agonizing artist's life 08 October 2013

    It is undisputable that the Journalism is an important wing of the society to cater the people of the Society with the information of what is happening in the world.  But if it exceeds its limits and reports in a...

    Keywords: TV News Channels, TV industry, Social Networking, TV Channels

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    Yahoo, Facebook buys WhatsApp, facebook mistake worth 3 billion, Social network

    Facebook mistake worth $3 billion 20 February 2014

    Facebook the leading social networking site in the world. Since today morning Facebook is making tumultuous all over as it bought mobile messenger service WhatsApp for $19 billion. And you may think whats wrong in this deal. Here is the...

    Keywords: Brian Acton, WhatsApp founder Brain Acton and Jan Koum, Facebook, Apple

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    social networking company, Science, facebook adds donate now button, Social network

    Facebook adds 'Donate Now' button 17 December 2013

    Facebook has introduced a new feature 'Donate Now' button to enable users to contribute to charity online. However, the button would reportedly help the social networking company to further develop its e-commerce and gaming efforts by collecting credit card numbers...

    Keywords: 'Donate Now' in FB, FB adds Donate Now' button, 'Donate Now' in FB, FB adds Donate Now' button

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    Facebook access through mobile phone., Facebook MAUs in India, indians hooked on to facebook more than ever, Social network

    Indians hooked on to Facebook more than ever 14 August 2013

    We Indian are eternally curious about the next person and are even more eager to brag about ourselves. It is no wonder then, that Facebook has taken the Indian way of life by storm. The social networking site's 'like' symbol...

    Keywords: Facebook annual report, Facebook monthly active users, Facebook monthly active users, Facebook annual report

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    social networking site, CEO of TrueCaller, twitter truecaller join hands, Social network

    Twitter, Truecaller join hands 12 December 2013

    Truecaller, the collaborative phone directory application, announced on Thursday its decision to join hands with Twitter, the social networking site. The decision to form the partnership was made with a view to increase user base. Following this partnership, users of...

    Keywords: Truecaller, social networking site, social networking site, Business news

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    report, report, 123456 is the most common password in 2016 report, Social network

    '123456' is the Most Common Password in 2016: Report 16 January 2017

    According to a recent research,  numeric combination of '123456' was the most common password of 2016, followed by '123456789' and 'qwerty' in the year 2016. The study also found that four of the top 10 passwords on the list are...

    Keywords: Password, common passwords, common passwords, social network

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    Facebook provides more gender options, new gender option in Facebook, facebook provides more gender options, Social network

    Facebook provides more gender options 14 February 2014

    Social networking site Facebook offered extra options for its users in the gender category by adding more than 56 options other than male and female. The company announced the change on Friday and it may come effective immediately. Now this...

    Keywords: Facebook, Facebook, Social networking site Facebook, Facebook gender option

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    online friends, online friends, practical experiment threat from online friends, Social network

    Practical experiment: Threat from online friends 11 August 2015

    “See you tomorrow, happy to meet you, after long time I met you.” The meaning for the dialogues like these are changing day by day. ‘See you tomorrow’ means ‘I will chat with you tomorrow’ online. ‘Happy to meet you’...

    Keywords: viral videos, online friends, online friends, viral videos

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    surveillance laws, surveillance laws, how far we can trust google, Social network

    How Far We Can Trust Google? 09 December 2013

    How far we trust Google or other social network sites that the personal data in that will not be used by the Government? We cannot trust anymore! We may entertain suspicion that the data may be used but the technology...

    Keywords: security, security, US President Barrack Obama, spying by US Government

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    new rules of online dating, new rules, learn new rules of online dating, Social network

    Learn new rules of online dating 13 December 2013

    The online dating scene is fast changing, thanks to social media and smart phones that has made life and connectivity easier than ever. With social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the new pick up places where you meet...

    Keywords: love and relationship, Love, online dating, online dating

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    Social media, Social media, twitter implementing new policy to restrict abuse, Social network

    Twitter implementing new policy to restrict abuse 22 April 2015

    Twitter began implementing a new policy aimed at curbing use of the social network to incite violence and to crack down on abuse and harassment on the service. The new rules are the latest, implemented by social media networks aiming...

    Keywords: Twitter, Social media, Social media, Twitter

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    Close FB Accounts of Children- Principal, Facebook, close fb accounts of children principal, Social network

    Close FB Accounts of Children- Principal 19 September 2013

    Principal of a school in Bangalore wrote letters to the parents of the school students to close Facebook accounts of their children. He says that he admits that the facebook helps in getting the relations between people strengthened but it...

    Keywords: close Facebook accounts of their children-bangalore school principal, Close FB Accounts of Children- Principal, social network, Facebook

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    Instagram, 2017 end of Facebook: Study, 2017 end of facebook study, Social network

    2017 end of Facebook: Study 24 January 2014

    With over 1.2 billion users, the social networking giant Facebook might collapse by the year 2017 to a rock bottom according to research cited by Princeton Universoty scholars. The study said that Facebook was spread like a viral disease in...

    Keywords: Privacy in Facebook, Top Stories, Snapchat, Twitter

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    Facebook friends, Muzaffapur, boy throws hot water for unfriending, Social network

    Boy throws hot water for unfriending 03 January 2014

    Like mobiles which became part of human body, social networking site, Facebook too became an integral part now. Every youth in the country turns into Facebook to check his/her friend's updates, photos and lot of stuff. Making friends among the...

    Keywords: Muzaffapur, Facebook friends, Muzaffapur, Facebook incident

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    Election results on Facebook And Twitter, Election results on Facebook And Twitter, ec considers using facebook and twitter, Social network

    EC Considers Using Facebook And Twitter 28 November 2013

    It will be easy for the smartphone users and netizens to know the election results now.  Election Commission has been using latest technology to conduct elections wherever possible.  Electronic Voting Machine, then monitoring from CC cameras, Video Conferences and now...

    Keywords: Election results on Facebook And Twitter, Election results on Social network, Election Commission of India, Election Commission of India

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    Horrifying killing then posting in FB, Dead body on Facebook, horrifying killing then posting in fb, Social network

    Horrifying killing then posting in FB 10 August 2013

    A Florida man who was declared to have gunned down his wife at the same time posted a picture of her dead body on Facebook was supercharged with murder on Friday. Derek Medina, 31, was authoritatively directed to be dragged...

    Keywords: Horrifying killing then posting in FB, USA crime, Florida, psychiatric deficiency

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    Yahoo, Sci-Tech News, facebook buys messenger whatsapp, Social network

    Facebook buys messenger WhatsApp 20 February 2014

    Social Networking site Facebook on Wednesday announced that it is buying mobile messenger service WhatsApp for $ 16 Billion.  Facebook has agreed to pay $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash in addition to this it will pay...

    Keywords: Technology News, Instagram, Technology News, Facebook buys WhatsApp

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