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  • TS Government, Single Women Pension Schemes, ts spends rs 40 000 crore on welfare schemes every year kcr, Single women

    TS Spends Rs 40,000 Crore On Welfare Schemes Every Year : KCR 03 June 2017

    TS Spends Rs 40,000 Crore On Welfare Schemes Every Year : KCR:- Telangana State Chief Minister Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao who participated yesterday in the third anniversary celebrations of the Telangana State Formation Day at the Parade Grounds yesterday said that...

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    Pension scheme, Single woman scheme, ts government issues new guidelines under single women scheme, Single women

    TS Government Issues New Guidelines Under Single Women Scheme 03 May 2017

    New guidelines have been issued by the Telangana State Government for the implementation of the “financial assistance to single women” scheme. To get the pension, under this scheme, the beneficiary should have an annual income of less than Rs 1.5...

    Keywords: Pension scheme, Single woman scheme, Telangana State Government, Single woman scheme

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    lifestyle india, lifestyle india, single working and married women life style, Single women

    Single, working and married women life style 06 April 2013

    Again a good news for us... another reason to be proud... this is a question mark in return to all those who point out at women going out and working and say, women are born to just take care of...

    Keywords: married women, housewife, lifestyle india, family

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    single women, widows, ap government to restore pensions for widows and single women, Single women

    AP government to restore pensions for widows and single women 10 September 2020

    The AP high court observed that stopping pensions for widows and single women is unreasonable. The AP high court lashed out at the state government for stopping pensions for women without any prior procedure. The top court observed that stopping...

    Keywords: widows, single women, high court, single women

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    hyderabad massage parlours, sex racket in disguise as massage parlours, s x racket in massage parlors at hyd, Single women

    S*X racket in massage parlors at Hyd? 10 February 2013

    The city woke up to a rude shock when the police relentlessly raided a few massage parlors in Hyderabad after getting firm information that they were thriving on flesh trade. In simultaneous operations, sleuths raided various massage parlors in Yella...

    Keywords: hyderabad massage parlours, single women in hyderabad, Hyderabad sex racket, sex racket busted

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    kissed umpteen, Male brain, ten best things a man wants in a woman, Single women

    Ten Best Things A Man Wants In A Woman 21 December 2011

    When men talk candidly about women, they sound… well, they sound a little like us. romance may have laid a hefty claim on the male brain, but it doesn’t seem to be relevant when it comes to what he’s really...

    Keywords: hefty claim, lifestyle, Male brain, Male brain

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    single women, how to handle breakup, single women happier than single men, Single women

    Single women happier than single men? 25 September 2013

    In a perfect world, every man and woman are united with their soul mates. In an imperfect, uncertain world, most people are single and some more are married to the wrong people. Couples who found passionate, eternal love are a...

    Keywords: advantages of being single, men after divorce, single women, single women

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    Single women pension scheme, Single women pension scheme, ts single woman pension scheme gets good response, Single women

    TS Single Woman Pension Scheme Gets Good Response 11 May 2017

    The single woman pension scheme introduced by the Telangana State is getting a good response. The state government has asked the single women to submit the applications from May 8. The applications are being accepted in all Mee Seva Centres, MRO...

    Keywords: Telangana News, Single women pension scheme, Telangana News, Telangana News

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