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    ACB interrogation completed, Sandra aims the bail 10 July 2015

    Finally the ACB interrogation on TDP leader Sandra Venkata Veeraiah has come to an end today. Till 21st of this month, Sandra would be under the remand.Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, who had been identified as one of the key members in the...

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    ACB interrogates Sandra, Sandra bail petition, who is janardhan acb questions sandra veeraiah, Sandra veeraiah

    Who is Janardhan?, ACB questions Sandra Veeraiah 10 July 2015

    The ACB officials are inquiring about Janardhan, whose name was repeated 32 times during the phone conversation of Sandra Veeraiah and Revanth Reddy. Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, who is currently taken under the ACB custody, is being interrogated by the officials....

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