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  • Tirupati Wishesh, Sachin Tendulkar, wow shriya on wow mag morning wishesh, Safdarjung hospital

    Wow Shriya! On WOW mag: Morning Wishesh 24 December 2012

    Good Morning.............Zao Shang Hao Welcome to the last full week of this year 2012 with a Chinese good Morning. The year has rolled out so fast that we never knew how it passed by. Let's all cheer to welcome the...

    Keywords: History amuses, Tirupati Wishesh, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ

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    health of delhi rape victim deteriorated, safdarjung hospital delhi victim, please pray for my daughter victim s father, Safdarjung hospital

    Please pray for my daughter: Victim's father 24 December 2012

    The condition of the sister, who was subjected to heinous crime in Delhi, deteriorated. The doctors treating her at Safdarjung hospital in the national capital territory told the media that victim's health remained to be critical and she has been...

    Keywords: rape victim health, rape victim health, candle rally in delhi, health of delhi rape victim deteriorated

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    delhi rape in bus, delhi rape victim dies, rapists should get capital punishment anna, Safdarjung hospital

    Rapists should get capital punishment: Anna 29 December 2012

    Anti corruption crusader and Gandhian philosopher, Anna Hazare has demanded death penalty to the six accused in Delhi rape case.  He has also said that the country and government should get a lesson. Stringent laws should be made, added Anna...

    Keywords: delhi rape victim dies, delhi rape dwarka, delhi rape incident, delhi rape incident

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    India Gate, Delhi gang-rape protests, botsa s gyan backfires tenders apology, Safdarjung hospital

    Botsa's gyan backfires, tenders apology! 25 December 2012

    The state PCC Chief Botsa Satynarayana faced the wrath from the protestors for his comments on aired on TV channels. 'Women must not go out in midnight.....the rape is a minor incident...the victim must have taken care of the situation....etc'....

    Keywords: rape in Delhi, P, Botsa's apology, Rashtrapathi Bhavan

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    , moving bus rape, delhi rape case girl stable and conscious, Safdarjung hospital

    Delhi rape case: Girl stable and conscious 20 December 2012

    The young girl who was brutally raped by a gang on a moving bus and thrown out of it is now making it back to her prime. She has become conscious and is reportedly in a conscious condition now. Doctors...

    Keywords: stable condition, Safdarjung hospital, delhi rape case, Safdarjung hospital

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    thrown out, delhi girl raped, gang rape in a moving bus, Safdarjung hospital

    Gang-rape in a moving bus 17 December 2012

    A college student who was traveling in a bus late on Sunday night along with her friend was brutally raped by a gang of unknown people and then pushed out of the vehicle. The male friend who was traveling along...

    Keywords: thrown out, thrown out, safdarjung hospital, delhi girl raped

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    Business Wishesh, Sports Wishesh, happy christmas morning wishesh, Safdarjung hospital

    Happy Christmas: Morning Wishesh 25 December 2012

    Happy Happy Christmas..........Joyeux Noel On a bright Christmas morning we are back wishing you Happy Christmas in French. Wishesh joins along with its entire team and the support of growing readership to wish you all a very happy greetings of...

    Keywords: Happy X Mas, December 25, Morning Wishesh, Happy Christmas

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    pm asks to calm down, pm asks to calm down, pm as father of 3 daughters understands protests, Safdarjung hospital

    PM, as father of 3 daughters, understands protests 24 December 2012

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged the people to remain calm after the protests turned violent on Sunday while they were enraged with the Delhi gang rape case in the city. A 23 year old girl was brutally raped and thrown...

    Keywords: Delhi gang-rape, Safdarjung Hospital, manmohan singh, prime minister

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    delhi protests, upa delhi rape case, prayers for speedy recovery of delhi victim, Safdarjung hospital

    Prayers for speedy recovery of Delhi victim 26 December 2012

    Prayers are going on across the country for the quick recovery of 23-year-old victim of gang rape in Delhi. Andhra Wishesh tried speaking to a large number of people in Hyderabad and Secunderabad especially last night who offered prayers at...

    Keywords: delhi victim ventilator, delhi protests, upa delhi rape case, delhi rape victim health

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    safdarjung hospital, medical condition of delhi rape, delhi victim condition still critical, Safdarjung hospital

    Delhi victim: Condition still critical 25 December 2012

    The condition of the Delhi rape victim remained to be critical on Tuesday, said doctors treating her at Safdarjung hospital in the national capital territory.  She has been on ventilator and on Monday she was reported to have profusely bleeding...

    Keywords: medical condition of delhi rape, sepsis medical student, medical student safdarjung hospital, safdarjung hospital

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    victim singapore hospital, delhi victim, delhi rape victim passes away in singapore, Safdarjung hospital

    Delhi rape victim passes away in Singapore 29 December 2012

    "Denigration of women has ruined our society"-Kandukuri Veeresalingam.   Twenty-three-year-old medical student, who was ganagraped two weeks ago, succumbed to injuries at a hospital in Singapore at 2.15 am (IST). She was shifted to Singapore hospital two days ago for...

    Keywords: delhi gangrape, delhi safdarjung hospital, victim singapore hospital, delhi gangrape

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