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  • Jr NTR, RV censor formalities, storms predicted for ramayya vasthavayya journey, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Storms predicted for Ramayya Vasthavayya journey 04 October 2013

    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya is planned for release on 10th October, with the censor formalities scheduled for tomorrow. Though the overall mood for the film is upbeat, storm clouds are threatening to dampen filmmakers' spirits. The approval of the cabinet...

    Keywords: Doosukeltha release, Nandamuri family, Telangana state, Nandamuri family

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    Charan's Yevadu., Dil Raju, jr ntr s teaser popularity to delay release, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Jr NTR's teaser popularity to delay release 02 September 2013

    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya is picking up steam and rushing towards the release date for a grand entry. After a lot of positive talk and high expectations set the standards high, the film's second teaser has gone viral on the...

    Keywords: Ramayya Vasthavayya, Ramayya Vasthavayya teaser record, Ramayya Vasthavayya second teaser, Dil Raju

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    Brahmi Vishnu comedy, Dosukeltha comedy, vishnu s ingredients to overtake ramayya vasthavayya, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Vishnu's ingredients to overtake Ramayya Vasthavayya 02 October 2013

    Manchu Vishnu's Doosukeltha is readying for release right after Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya releases. There is so little gap between the two movies that we can imagine the releases are happening on the same day itself. To give strong competition...

    Keywords: Jr NTR, Dosukeltha comedy, Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Maryada Ramanna

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    Gabbar Singh, Samantha, ramayya vasthavayya audio release after spain visit, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Ramayya Vasthavayya audio release after Spain visit 28 August 2013

    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya audio release date has been confirmed. The audio of RV will be officially released on 8th September in Hyderabad. The main cast of the film are currently in Spain to shoot for two songs. Produced by...

    Keywords: Thaman, Baadshah., Baadshah., Samantha

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Jr NTR, ramayya vasthavayya s surprise is an open secret, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Ramayya Vasthavayya's surprise is an open secret 26 September 2013

    Jr NTR has already given the clue to this one. Buzz is that he calls Shruti Hassan, who plays a short cameo in Ramayya Vasthavayya, by her reel name Ammulu. Now, Ammu is a popular name across the south states...

    Keywords: Harish Shankar, Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Samantha, Ramayya Vasthavayya surprise

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    Seemandhra agitations, Nanadmuri Harikrishna, ramayya vasthvayya will speak for jr ntr, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Ramayya Vasthvayya will speak for Jr NTR 04 October 2013

    Jr NTR is coming out with a cool film this 10th October. Ramayya Vasthavayya has that spark that can pull the crowds in. It is for this reason that NTR is not saying anything that will give away the novelty...

    Keywords: Jr NTR speeches, Ramayya Vasthavayya, Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Ramayya Vasthavayya

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    Jr NTR, Harish Shankar, jr ntr s ramayya vasthavayya adds color to the city, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya adds color to the city 03 October 2013

    Jr NTR is looking candylicious these days. Large cut outs of him posing in a casual attire are head turners around town. Cool is the word for Jr NTR's posters all over the city. Theaters are visibly gearing up to...

    Keywords: Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Jr NTR, Samantha, Ramayya Vasthavayya

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    Yevadu release, Yevadu release, dil raju s reel reasons for ignoring yevadu, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Dil Raju's reel reasons for ignoring Yevadu 02 October 2013

    Producer Dil Raju has two apples in his hand. One is Ramayya Vasthavayya ready for release and the other is Yevadu not releasing. It is a tale of two brothers who are both important but where one gets more attention...

    Keywords: Ramayya Vasthavayya, Charan Yevadu, Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Yevadu release

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    Harish Shankar, RV press meet, jr ntr look vs ramayya vasthavayya look, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Jr NTR look vs Ramayya Vasthavayya look 01 October 2013

    Jr NTR is slowly but steadily building up his fan base, not to mention a niche among the Telugu viewers. He worked well on his looks and the end result has impressed many. Although his powerful and energetic presence had...

    Keywords: Ramayya Vasthavayya expectations, Jr NTR, RV press meet, Jr NTR style

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    JR NTR action scenes, Ramayya Vasthavayya shooting, brother required to cool down jr ntr, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Brother required to cool down Jr NTR 28 August 2013

    The curious case of Jr NTR's hadal is creating quite a bit of gossip lately. Jr NTR is known to become completely involved in a film's shooting once the action begins. His energy has also been praised by confident fighter...

    Keywords: Rabhasa brother sentiment, Jr NTR energy, Jr NTR, Jr NTR

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya postponed, Pawan Kalyan, ntramayya vasthunnadu, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    NTRamayya Vasthunnadu 05 October 2013

    As the posters say, in just five more days, Ramayya is coming. NTR is making no sound, but one dialogues says, "aa range action jarigithe gani, naa reaction baitikiraadu." Once Ramayya Vasthavayya makes a noise at the box office, then...

    Keywords: Jr NTR, JR NTR punch dialogues, Ramayya Vasthavayya dialogues, Jr NTR

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    Dil Raju comments, Dil Raju movies, dil raju sets the record straight, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Dil Raju sets the record straight 04 October 2013

    Big producer Dil Raju has big worries keeping his mind in a turmoil. Responding to rumors of a possible postponement of Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya, he set the record straight by saying it will not happen. There is no way...

    Keywords: Dil Raju, Yevadu, Dil Raju comments, Yevadu

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    Charan, Ramayya Vasthavayya release, jr ntr s rv takes charan s yevadu position, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Jr NTR's RV takes Charan's Yevadu position 17 September 2013

    Good news for Jr NTR fans, Ramayya Vasthavayya will likely release on 10th October without trouble. Bad news for Charan fans, Yevadu has been postponed again. It was scheduled to release on 10th October, but Jr NTR's RV arrival has...

    Keywords: Cherry, Yevadu release, Cherry, Yevadu postponed. Samantha

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    OU JAC statement., Telangana, nandamuri harikrishna s resignation affects son s film, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Nandamuri Harikrishna's resignation affects son's film 22 August 2013

    In recent days, there was a lot of buzz about whether Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya will release on the scheduled date. The raging battle of Telangana and Seemandhra has put a question mark on all big film releases. The issue...

    Keywords: Seemandhra, Jr NTR Ramayya Vasthavayya, Nandamuri Harikrishna resignation, Ramayya Vasthavayya release postponed

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    Music composer Thaman, Ramayya Vasthavayya release, jr ntr s fixation with ramayya vasthavayya composer, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Jr NTR's fixation with Ramayya Vasthavayya composer 10 September 2013

    Jr NTR has almost completed all work on Ramayya Vasthavayya. Considering everything goes well, the film will release in the last week of September. Ramayya Vasthavayya music has already generated positive buzz among the audiences. The Nandamuri actor has been...

    Keywords: Jr NTR Samantha, Rabhasa music., Ramayya Vasthavayya teaser. Ramayya Vasthavayya music, Anoop Rubens

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya release date, JR NTR, ntr s ramayya vasthavayya has hot music item number, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya has hot music, item number 14 August 2013

    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya has plenty of glamor. Not only does the film have Samantha and Shruti Hassan, but controversial lass Veena Malik is also being considered for an item number. Music composer Thaman has apparently injected large doses of...

    Keywords: producer Dil Raju., Ramayya Vasthavayya release date, Shruti Hassan, music director Thaman

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Harish Shankar, time for ramayya vasthavayya songs has come, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Time for Ramayya Vasthavayya songs has come 20 September 2013

    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya has already taken the attention of everyone with its lovely video releases and other dialogues. Tomorrow, all songs from the album will be released grandly. Thaman's music is already expected to hit the top position. Music...

    Keywords: Harish Shankar, Thaman, Samantha, Thaman

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    Jr NTR fitness, Jr NTR fitness, it s pack up for jr ntr s ramayya vasthavayya, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    It's pack up for Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya 27 September 2013

    The team of Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya are packing up. Shooting for the film has concluded under the direction of Harish Shankar. Next, the team will keep themselves busy with remaining post production work while awaiting the censor board certificate....

    Keywords: Shruti role in Ramayya Vasthavayya, Harish Shankar, Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Jr NTR

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    Attarintiki Daredi, RV audio release, ramayya vasthavayya audio release next week, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Ramayya Vasthavayya audio release next week 17 September 2013

    Earlier today, a making video of one of the songs of Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya had been released. It has gained a lot of appreciation for its amazing location in Spain as well as the song lyrics. The complete album...

    Keywords: Ramayya Vasthavayya audio release, Neneppudaina Anukunnana video, Ramayya Vasthavayya teaser, Shruti Hassan

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya dialogues, Ramayya Vasthavayya working stills, jr ntr to copy pawan kalyan in ramayya vasthavayya, Ramayya vasthavayya release

    Jr NTR to copy Pawan Kalyan in Ramayya Vasthavayya 07 September 2013

    Jr NTR is feverishly shooting for Ramayya Vasthavayya as the film is planned for release at the end this month. The team is quickly wrapping up the last schedule. Buzz is that, this schedule includes shooting for an antakshari scene,...

    Keywords: Ramayya Vasthavayya shooting schedule, Ramayya Vasthavayya, Ilayaraja songs, Ilayaraja songs

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