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    Puffy face??? No more a beauty... 08 June 2012

    Now, if you are blessed with a puffy face and body type, then you can only work on being in shape... but all those hectic work schedules, odd food timings and habits, cried like hell for some reason, lack of...

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    eyes, eyes, strawberry solves under eye puffiness, Puff

    Strawberry solves under eye puffiness 09 June 2015

    Sometimes, there would be few situations where we have awakened throughout the night and if the circumstances still force us to be fresh, in the early morning, with no such identities be felt through eyes, then strawberry can sort out...

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    Good looking eyes, Puffiness around eyes, puffy eyes bothering you, Puff

    Puffy Eyes bothering you? 06 December 2011

    I was just speaking about this with one of my friends. She was telling me lack of sleep, stress, frustration with life, put together would lead to puffiness around eyes. So, we need to concentrate first on leading a happy...

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    Puffy Eyes news, Puffy Eyes tips, special tips to fix puffy eyes, Puff

    Special tips to fix Puffy Eyes 10 April 2021

    Special tips to fix Puffy Eyes:- The biggest challenge for any woman is all about puffy eyes. The skin around the eyes will start to swell. This happens because of the lack of sleep, excessive crying or tiredness. Here are...

    Keywords: Puffy Eyes tips, Puffy Eyes advantages, Puffy Eyes advantages, Puffy Eyes disadvantages

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    puffed up eyes, puffed up eyes, buh bye puffy eyes, Puff

    Buh-bye puffy eyes! 13 November 2013

    Someone has rightly said that your eye is like a Facebook status update - it reveals everything. Whether you are rebounding from a long night or have been working long hours, we bring you expert tips on how to make...

    Keywords: Buh-bye puffy eyes, Buh-bye puffy eyes, Buh-bye puffy eyes, puffy eyes

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    for women, boost circulation and collagen production, how to buy anti ageing creams, Puff

    How to buy anti-ageing creams 30 August 2012

    While wrinkles may add 'character' to a man's face, the same represent a sad slippery slope toward senility in women. To erase these lines of misery, women go overboard in clinging to every new anti-aging cream in the market that...

    Keywords: anti-ageing creams, boost circulation and collagen production, anti-ageing creams, boost circulation and collagen production

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    Sweet Potato Puffs Recipe 10 October 2016

    Crisp sweet potato puffs that are perfect as an evening snack your kids will love.   Prep Time- 40 min Serving- 4   Ingredients 3-4 large sweet potatoes or yams, washed 1/2 cup brown sugar, packed 1/2 cup melted butter...

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    Egg Puff

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