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    Symptoms And Risks Of Ovarian Cancer 20 September 2021

    Symptoms And Risks Of Ovarian Cancer:- Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer as the symptoms of the disease are quite difficult to detect. Most of them ignore the early symptoms or they find it difficult to detect them. Most of...

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    Dogs - the new cancer diagnostic tool, diagnostic dogs, cancer diagnosis through sniffing, Ovarian cancer

    Cancer diagnosis through sniffing 12 August 2013

    Before you drop your jaws in disbelief, know that it's true! A teams of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania are trying to train a kennel of three dogs to snuffle off ovarian cancer. The dogs are being trained to...

    Keywords: Cancer diagnosis through sniffing, cancer sniffing dogs, Cancer diagnosis through sniffing, University of Pennsylvania

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    Angelina Jolie latest updates, Brad Pitt, angelina jolie s openness a broad message, Ovarian cancer

    Angelina Jolie's Openness: A Broad Message 24 March 2015

    Oscar Winning actress Angeline Jolie has terrific craze all over and she has been entertaining the audience has now reduced her films and is selective with her movies. She has recently suffered with breast cancer and recovered slowly after a...

    Keywords: Angelina Jolie news, Angelina Jolie news, Ovarian cancer, Ovarian cancer

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    cancer with Johnson powder, Johnson & Johnson ovarian cancer, johnson johnson fined after cancer death, Ovarian cancer

    Johnson & Johnson fined after cancer death 25 February 2016

    After a US woman died from ovarian cancer, which she said was caused by using Johnson & Johnson's powder, a jury in the US state of Missouri has awarded $72 million to her family. The civil suit filed by Jackie...

    Keywords: Johnson & Johnson ovarian cancer, World news, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson ovarian cancer

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    Heart drug may help ovarian cancer patients, Heart medication could improve ovarian cancer patient survival, beta blockers can extend lives of ovarian cancer patients finds study, Ovarian cancer

    Beta blockers can extend lives of ovarian cancer patients, finds study 25 August 2015

    A new study revealed that taking beta blockers could extend the lives of women with ovarian cancer by up to four years. Beta blockers pills are commonly taken to help people deal with stress, lower blood pressure and manage heart...

    Keywords: Heart medication could improve ovarian cancer patient survival, new way to treat ovarian cancers, new way to treat ovarian cancers, Blood pressure drugs linked to ovarian cancer treatment

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