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  • male employees threatened by female boss, salary negotiation office tips, female bosses threaten men more study, Office tips

    Female bosses threaten men more - study 13 July 2015

    According to the recent survey, Men tend to be more assertive when working for a woman, because they feel threatened by having a female boss.This is not an exception to the case, where the people, who even support gender equality....

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    Tips, Tips, own your company to enjoy the work, Office tips

    Own your company to enjoy the work 09 May 2015

    If you can follow this tip, you need work a single day at your office though you take your salary regularly. By seeing the above statement, don't estimate, that the tip is all about to discuss 'work from home' method...

    Keywords: organizing tips, office tips, office tips, Tips

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    Tips, organizing tips, smart way to impress your boss, Office tips

    Smart way to impress your boss 07 May 2015

    Whenever we feel ill or if there are no supporting conditions outside to go to an office, you may be offered to work from home. At those times, remember that your sincerity and dedication counts much more than the usual....

    Keywords: organizing tips, Tips, organizing tips, Tips

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    office tips, weekend, save office time on weekends, Office tips

    Save office time on weekends 12 May 2015

    On Saturday, in the office, especially in the evenings, we feel like skipping of the work and jump out to home soon. But remember your dedication towards the work would be observed by the office management in such kind of...

    Keywords: weekend, weekend, weekend, organizing tips

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    Personality development tips, Personality development tips, 3 tips to make lazy monday active, Office tips

    3 tips to make lazy Monday active 17 August 2015

    It would be tough to go to the office after continuous holidays or on Monday. In fact, it is not only to the office, right from the childhood, we are accustomed to face a high difficulty, to go to the...

    Keywords: relationship tips, Personality development tips, office tips, Personality development tips

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    Office tips, Stress tips, monday is interesting if you do this, Office tips

    Monday is interesting if you do this! 18 May 2015

    Generally, we consider Monday as the most hectic day in the entire week. Because that is the day which comes after the joyful Sunday. Be it for the student or the job holder, the feeling is same. Actually the tension...

    Keywords: Office tips, Office tips, Stress tips, Stress tips

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    office friendly beauty  tips, how to get ready at your office, simple make up tips for office going women, Office tips

    Simple make up tips for office going women 10 June 2015

    Being beautiful and presentable at your workplace is important as it put forth the best impression for co-workers any clients. Here are some simple tips that makes you feel look confident and beautiful. Always use neutral colors on eye and...

    Keywords: simple beauty tips at work place, office friendly beauty tips, office friendly beauty tips, office friendly beauty tips

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    superiority, office tips, don t argue work out silently, Office tips

    Don’t argue, work out silently 29 June 2015

    Be it office, home or elsewhere, we generally might have experienced the situation like this in our life.Also read: Precious weapon-Immaturity logicIt is, comparing with the others. If it is at home, the parents or family members compare us with...

    Keywords: Organizing tips, Organizing tips, superiority, superiority

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    Stress, Office tips, steal the hearts by staying extra time, Office tips

    Steal the hearts by staying extra time 01 June 2015

    Sometimes, there would be few situations, where you might be asked by the office management, to stay for extra time. At those times, generally the employees accept it hesitatingly and that hesitation can even be identified by the management too.But,...

    Keywords: Work burden, Work burden, Work burden, Work burden

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    Office tips, Office tips, refer your friend in your company like this, Office tips

    Refer your friend in your company like this 23 June 2015

    You are in a good job and you want your friend, who is suffering to get a job, in your company.In those times, if you possess goodwill, it will be very easy to refer your friend and there would be...

    Keywords: organizing tips, Office tips, organizing tips, organizing tips

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    Office, Office, work in those situations identity guaranteed, Office tips

    Work in those situations, identity guaranteed 16 July 2015

    When we feel that none of our colleagues are fit for anything at our office or in that sense if we do not have a good competitors in our life, generally it is a human tendency to relax back and...

    Keywords: Office, Office, Office, office tips

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    Office tips, Stress tips, if the colleagues are absent its an opportunity, Office tips

    If the colleagues are absent, its an opportunity 25 May 2015

    Generally, when the other staff in your office who do the similar work you do is absent, the management asks you to perform their part of the work too along with your work. In those cases, though the work pressure...

    Keywords: Stress tips, Stress tips, Office tips, Office tips

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