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  • NATA fund raising, North America Telugu Association, nata fund raising over one million mark, North america telugu association

    NATA fund raising over one million mark 21 March 2012

    The North American Telugu Association (NATA) conducted several funding-raising events in many cities in the US and raised over one million dollars for its mega convention, which will be held in Houston from June 29th to July 1st, 2012. This...

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    free medical camp, 4000 patients benfited, 4000 patients benefited with free health camp in parkal, North america telugu association

    4000 Patients Benefited With Free Health Camp in Parkal 28 December 2011

    The North American Telugu Association (NATA) has flagged off a ten-day ‘Seva Days' in Andhra Pradesh, as part of its run up to its bi-annual convention scheduled in Houston Texas on June 29. The service week included a two-day health...

    Keywords: 4000 patients benfited, free medical camp, North America Telugu Association, Parkal in warangal district

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    Federation of Kerala Associations in North America, North America Telugu Association, indians celebrate american i day, North america telugu association

    Indians celebrate American I-Day 05 July 2014

    Indian organisations in United States have celebrated America's Independence day with their own culture, language and cuisine across the nation.  Two prominent organisations, American Telugu Assocation [ATA] and North America Telugu Association [NATA] are hosting three-day conventions  in Philadelphia and...

    Keywords: Rajasthan Association of North America, NRI News, Indians celebrate American I-Day, Federation of Tamil sangams of North America

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