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  • Abhaya culprits get 20 years sentence, Nirbhaya Act, abhaya culprits get 20 years sentence, Nirbhaya act

    Abhaya culprits get 20 years sentence 14 May 2014

    A Hyderabad techie who was abducted and raped by two men last Ocotber will now face a 20 years sentence. After seven months of probe the court gave its final judgment today and the culprits were given 20 years jail...

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    Nirbhaya, India News, one year to nirbhaya incident, Nirbhaya act

    One Year To Nirbhaya Incident 16 December 2013

    The devilish incident of sexual assault on a medical student in a running bus in South Delhi that shook entire nation happened exactly one year ago.  Everyone was upset by it and wanted so rigorous a punishment to the culprits...

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