Night shifts

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    Night shifts responsible for women's menstrual irregularity 24 May 2021

    Night shifts responsible for women's menstrual irregularity:- A new research and a study said that the night shifts are directly linked to the menstrual irregularity in women and there are high chances of developing endometriosis. The results are revealed during...

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    Untimely shifts, graveyard shifts, night shift worries reset your body clock, Night shifts

    Night shift worries? Reset your body clock 04 October 2013

    Is it really that simple? Scientists report they have come across a breakthrough in the area of the human body's circadian rhythms. As per their findings, it is possible to reset your body clock using a reset button present in...

    Keywords: graveyard shifts, Kyoto University, Circadian rhythm, Untimely shifts

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