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  • family, married women, single working and married women life style, Married women

    Single, working and married women life style 06 April 2013

    Again a good news for us... another reason to be proud... this is a question mark in return to all those who point out at women going out and working and say, women are born to just take care of...

    Keywords: housewife, married women, proud, proud

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    Marriage, married women, why women cheat in a marriage, Married women

    Why women cheat in a marriage? 12 December 2013

    If you thought that only men cheated in a relationship, what you read now could be an eye-opener for you. You have possibly read about  the extramarital relationships of Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But have you ever...

    Keywords: Affairs, love and sex, love and relationship, Affairs

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    Passport rules, Name on Passport, pm modi passes new passport rule in india for women, Married women

    PM Modi Passes New Passport Rule In India For Women 14 April 2017

    Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, yesterday, announced that there is no need for a woman, to change her name on the passport after marriage or divorce. Instead, she can get the travel documents, by giving the names of either of...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, Name on Passport, Married Women, Passport

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    women lifestyle, karva chauth celebrations, karva chauth a heart warming ritual, Married women

    Karva Chauth: A heart warming ritual 02 November 2012

    Today the married women of north India will fast till moon rise, till they see the face of  their husbands through the tiny holes of a sieve along with the glittering moon. Today it is  Karwa Chauth , a festival...

    Keywords: karva chauth indian festival, rituals, women lifestyle, rituals

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    young unmarried women, Sari patterns, half sari of your choice, Married women

    Half Sari of your Choice! 17 April 2012

    It is not only for love and education, even for our dressing age is not a criterion at all. The recent changes in the fashion and style statement of Women prove this once again. Forget everything; let’s take the instance...

    Keywords: Half Saris, Half Saris, dressing age, fashion designers

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    traditional bearings of red, married women, red bangles in indian tradition, Married women

    'Red' bangles in Indian tradition... 05 June 2012

    As such, bangles are considered to be one of the identities of Indian Woman, married Woman in particular... married woman, irrespective of the religion in India, prefer wearing red bangles is also known to us... but, today, let us know...

    Keywords: married women, traditional bearings of red, color of love, married women

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    married women being harassed by husband and in – laws, this is where the problem is... we women many times end up in the process of thinking on how our life and things should be but fail to implement the same. Reason being??? Fear… fear from the society, change from within, Married women

    Change from within 07 February 2013

    What??? Still in the process of thinking? Now, this is where the problem is... we women many times end up in the process of thinking on how our life and things should be but fail to implement the same. Reason...

    Keywords: we end up going for parties or going out at nights alone and inviting problems that become a question to our lives… in the name of patience, the mistake is at your end in many scenarios… what measures are we taking on our safety and happy life? Why do we trust others without properly knowing them, start fulfilling what you want in your life and how you want your life actually to be. Be smart enough to be on a safe zone and avoid any unwanted problem… be clever enough to give back the abuse you face from your family or relatives for the very first time if not from today onwards… be tough… let people hate you, giving our lives to them and later repenting on being cheated? In many situations not even considering our basic security

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    storage, married women, married women can store 500gm gold unmarried can store 250gm govt, Married women

    “Married Women can Store 500gm Gold, Unmarried Can Store 250gm”- Govt 02 December 2016

    In another shock, the government has introduced another guideline for  undeclared wealth. The government announced the 26-year-old rule which says that only married women can store more gold. "Jewelry that is inherited or that bought with declared wealth will not...

    Keywords: unmarried women, Gold jewelry, government, Gold jewelry

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