• NZ Fisherman catches see-through water creature, Salpa maxima, nz fisherman catches see through water creature, Maggi

    NZ Fisherman catches see-through water creature 22 January 2014

    A New Zealand fisherman caught a see-through shrimp-like creature swimming near the surface of the ocea. Mr. Stewart Fraser was fishing with his two sons, 43 miles north off the North Island's Karikari Peninsula at the time he spotted this...

    Keywords: National Marine Aquarium, National Marine Aquarium, Salpa maxima, New Zealand fisherman

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    Funny Jokes, Silly Jokes, they will curse maggi more, Maggi

    They will curse Maggi more 23 June 2015

    News: Countrywide alerts on Food packaging productsPunch: More than the common people, the other food companies which are being identified as fraud, by the food regulatory, will curse Maggi more now.By Phani

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, Jokes, Funny Jokes, Jokes

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    US FDA, Maggi, u s fda bans several indian snacks, Maggi

    U.S. FDA bans several Indian snacks 12 June 2015

    Compared to the other countries, more snack imports are rejected from India than any other country in the first five months of 2015, data on the website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration showed.More than half of all the...

    Keywords: US FDA, Ban, Maggi, Ban

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    Fashion, Maggi, fashion becomes health hazard after maggi skinny jeans are the next villain, Maggi

    Fashion becomes health hazard - After Maggi, Skinny Jeans are the next villain 24 June 2015

    Recently, Maggi, which was the favourite food of the fast forward people in the city, has grabbed all the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The health hazard, the two minute noodles has created for its fans was blown out...

    Keywords: University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland

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    Jokes, Jokes, maggi vs liquor, Maggi

    Maggi vs Liquor 16 June 2015

    News: 1. 320 crores loss to Maggi  2. Rs.5/ peg liquor proposal Punch: Maggi was banned, as it contained poisonous ingredients.But, is Liquor containing any healthy ingredients? By Phani

    Keywords: Jokes, Jokes, Funny Jokes, Silly Jokes

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    tollywood news, RGV about Maggi, i love maggi more than modi rgv, Maggi

    I love Maggi, more than Modi - RGV 18 November 2015

    The topper of the Twitter, RGV (Ram Gopal Varma) tweeted on the Maggi controversy, saying that, he loves Maggi more than anything. Upon raising the allegations about the poisonous ingredients in Maggi pack, it was banned for quite some time....

    Keywords: RGV about Maggi, RGV, RGV, tollywood news

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    pizza, media, shame on indian media, Maggi

    Shame on Indian media! 05 June 2015

    We gain the knowledge by knowing many things, that are happening across the world through the media. It is one such powerful medium, which can influence the society and act accordingly. Keeping the other countries media aside, Indian Media is...

    Keywords: pizza, Kitkat, Kitkat, Kitkat

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    Nestle India, Nestle India, no reprieve for nestle regarding ban on maggi, Maggi

    No reprieve for Nestle regarding ban on Maggi 13 June 2015

    The Bombay High Court has declined any immediate or temporary relief to the Swiss multinational Nestle, regarding the ban on its popular product “Maggi 2 minute noodles”. Nestle India has sought an interpretation of the Food Safety and Standards Act...

    Keywords: Nestle India, Maggi, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Maggi

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    viral videos, funny videos, maggi returns watch oppositions position here, Maggi

    Maggi returns: Watch oppositions position here 12 November 2015

    We could not believe that, what Nestle’s CEO said that they included in Maggi. We are only concerned about its taste and nothing else. When Maggi was banned, several other noodle brands, has come forward to steal out hearts. But...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, viral videos, funny videos

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    Danity Kane, Joanna Krupa, sensuous peta ads 2012 celebrity strip for animals, Maggi

    Sensuous PETA ads 2012, celebrity strip for animals 19 January 2012

    Most beautiful names in Hollywood campaign for PETA and strip down for animal rights.     Whether the ads are objected or not is funfair ahead. Joining the list of celebrities who have stripped for a genuine cause of animal rights, Hollywood’s...

    Keywords: PETA ads 2012, Pamela Anderson, Eva Mendes, Jenna Jameson

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    Nestle loss, ban, maggi faces rs 320 crores loss in india, Maggi

    Maggi faces Rs. 320 crores loss in India 16 June 2015

    Due to the ban imposed on Maggi, the Nestle Company had to face Rs. 320 crores of loss from India alone.On one side, the Nestle brand value is coming down and on the other side, due to the poison ingredients,...

    Keywords: ban, Nestle loss, Maggi, ban

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    CFTRI report on Maggi, FSSAI on Maggi, maggi is safe fssai approved lab, Maggi

    Maggi is safe: FSSAI-approved lab 05 August 2015

    Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) declare that Maggi is safe, and is in compliance with the country's food safety standards. Maggi was banned in June, in several states in the country like Uttar Pradesh, complaining that, Maggi...

    Keywords: CFTRI report on Maggi, FSSAI on Maggi, CFTRI report on Maggi, CFTRI report on Maggi

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    viral videos, Maggi life, happy maggi life, Maggi

    Happy Maggi life 02 May 2016

    Maggi is such a food item, where even a fresher in cooking, would be able to cook it and have it for himself. So this particular food item is special in several people lives, especially, the people shown in the...

    Keywords: Maggi life, Funny videos, Maggi life, Funny videos

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    Nestle, Nestle, more states order tests on maggi now, Maggi

    More States Order Tests on Maggi now 03 June 2015

    Nestle shares dipped nearly 10% on Wednesday morning after the Central Government of India declares that Maggi Noodles are unsafe as they contain high content of lead and mono-sodium glutamate or MSG, a taste enhancer. The Delhi government clarifies that...

    Keywords: Nestle, Nestle, Nestle, Maggi

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