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  • irresponsible attitude, Rohit, love the living, Love the living

    ‘Love the Living’ 08 September 2011

    ‘Seema and Rohit are involved in a heated argument. Neither of them were aware when did they started off arguing with each other, on what did the argument actually started off and on what are they arguing now. It was...

    Keywords: seema, friends circle, Love the Living, women wishes

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    Factor of Women, responsible employee, love the living, Love the living

    Love the living 20 August 2011

    Multi tasking as a home maker, Mother, Wife, Daughter – In – Law, daughter, Bhadi, Didi, aunty and so on. A responsible Employee at the Work place, and friend who always lends a helping hand, in short this is what...

    Keywords: Super Woman, Super Woman, Exaggeratiing, Exaggeratiing

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