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  • , , celebs condolences to jamuna husband photos, Lakshmi parvathi

    Celebs Condolences to Jamuna Husband Photos 12 November 2014

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    , , sairam shankar launches kiosks ebox photos, Lakshmi parvathi

    Sairam Shankar Launches Kiosks Ebox Photos 01 November 2014

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    Lakshmi Parvathi, Prakash Raj, rgv trashes rumours about lakshmi s ntr, Lakshmi parvathi

    RGV Trashes Rumours About Lakshmi’s NTR 11 October 2017

    RGV Trashes Rumours About Lakshmi’s NTR:- Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is not a happy man. Most of his announced projects got shelved and the ace director shifted his focus completely towards the biopic of NTR. Ever since Nandamuri Balakrishna...

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    ntr statue inauguration, lakshmi parvathi not invited, ultimate disgrace for lakshmi parvathi, Lakshmi parvathi

    Ultimate disgrace for Lakshmi Parvathi 06 May 2013

    There couldn't have been more disgrace meted out to Nandamuri Lakshmi Parvati, the wife of the former CM and the founder of the Telugu Desam Party N T Rama Rao. While his husband is being posthumously honored at the Parliament...

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    Ram Gopal Varma, Lakshmi's NTR, rgv throws open challenge to ntr followers on lakshmi s ntr, Lakshmi parvathi

    RGV Throws Open Challenge To NTR Followers On Lakshmi's NTR 20 October 2018

    RGV Throws Open Challenge To NTR Followers On Lakshmi's NTR:- Ram Gopal Varma is over again in the news creating hype for his approaching film Lakshmi's NTR. Although the director has a talent of sensationalizing a film long before the...

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    RGV, RGV facebook, rgv digs out about ntr s biopic, Lakshmi parvathi

    RGV Digs Out About NTR’s Biopic 18 September 2017

    RGV Digs Out About NTR’s Biopic:- Ever since Nandamuri Balakrishna announced about the biopic of his father and legendary actor NTR, there has been utmost curiosity about the project. Balayya revealed that a team of writers are working on the...

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    telugu songs, telugu cinema, chandrababu has properties worth rs 5000 cr lp, Lakshmi parvathi

    Chandrababu has properties worth Rs.5000 Cr: LP 02 September 2011

    Hours after the former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu announced his properties and said he was worth Rs.39.88 Cr, NTR Telugu Desam president Ms. Lakshmi Parvathi charged him of having more properties in the benami names. Speaking to media persons in...

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    Lakshmi Parvathi, Chandra Babu latest, acb court to reinstate chandra babu assets case, Lakshmi parvathi

    ACB Court to Reinstate Chandra Babu Assets Case 19 November 2019

    ACB Court to reinstate Chandra Babu Assets Case:- Former Chief Minister and TDP Chief Chandra Babu Naidu faced allegations of corruption and several cases got registered in the past but they were never proved. Now, in a shocking move, the...

    Keywords: Chandra Babu cases, Chandra Babu latest, Chandra Babu updates, Lakshmi Parvathi

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    , , nandamuri family members at ntr ghat photos, Lakshmi parvathi

    Nandamuri Family Members at NTR Ghat Photos 19 January 2015

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    Samaikya Sankharavam in LB Stadium, Lakshmi Parvathi in Samaikya Sankharavam, lakshmi parvathi in samaikya sankharavam, Lakshmi parvathi

    Lakshmi Parvathi in Samaikya Sankharavam 26 October 2013

    Among many speakers, former Chief Minister and founder of Telugu Desam Party NT Rama Rao's wife Lakshmi Parvathi spoke in the public meeting "Samaikya Sankharavam" conducted by the YSR Congress party today at LB Stadium.   Lakshmi Parvathi said that...

    Keywords: Lakshmi Parvathi in Samaikya Sankharavam, Jagan Public Meeting Samaikya Sankharavam, YS Jagan Samaikya Sankharavam, Lakshmi Parvathi Speech in Samaikya Sankharavam

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    Balakrishna new film, Ram Gopal Varma, will not allow balakrishna to do ntr s biopic lakshmi parvathi, Lakshmi parvathi

    Will not allow Balakrishna to do NTR’s Biopic: Lakshmi Parvathi 04 July 2017

    Will not allow Balakrishna to do NTR’s Biopic: Lakshmi Parvathi:- Legendary actor turned politician NTR cannot be replaced and he will be remembered forever by the Telugu people. His successors have been successful in cinema and politics. Nandamuri Balakrishna sometime...

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    Kethireddy Jagadeeswhar Reddy, Lakshmi's Veera Grandham news, pooja kumar turns lakshmi parvathi, Lakshmi parvathi

    Pooja Kumar Turns Lakshmi Parvathi 16 November 2017

    Pooja Kumar Turns Lakshmi Parvathi:- Veteran director Kethireddy Jagadeeshwar Reddy announced that he will be directing the biopic of legendary actor turned politician NTR and he would narrate the love story of NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi. He even released the...

    Keywords: Mahesh Manjrekar, Pooja Kumar, NTR biopic, Mahesh Manjrekar

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    NTR's birthday, literary works, ntr literary award presented, Lakshmi parvathi

    NTR Literary Award presented 29 May 2013

    NTR Literary Award carrying a cash prize of Rs. one lakh and citation is presented by NTR Vignana Trust to an Odisha writer Manoj Das on NTR's birthday.  Manoj Das is a famous writer who wrote in the languages of...

    Keywords: NTR’s wife Lakshmi Parvathi, NTR’s wife Lakshmi Parvathi, NTR Literary Award, Oriya and English

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    High court Lakshmi Parvathi, Chandrababu Lakshmi parvathi, lakshmi parvathi urges hc, Lakshmi parvathi

    Lakshmi Parvathi urges HC 07 December 2011

    N Lakshmi Parvathi, widow of TDP founder and former chief minister N T Rama Rao, has urged the AP High Court to implead her as one of the parties in the ongoing case pertaining to the alleged illegal assets of...

    Keywords: High court Lakshmi Parvathi, Chandrababu Lakshmi parvathi, chandrababu pitition Lakshmi Parvathi, chandrababu pitition Lakshmi Parvathi

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    Nannapaneni Rajakumari, Lakshmi Parvathi comments on Balakrishna, lp destroyed ntr life rajakumari, Lakshmi parvathi

    LP destroyed NTR life: Rajakumari 24 January 2012

    TDP firebrand leader and MLC Nannapaneni Rajakumari took strong objection to the criticism of Tollywood actor Balakrishna by NTR widow Lakshmi Parvathi and warned that her tongue would be chopped off if she continued to indulge in lose talk. Addressing...

    Keywords: NTR widow Lakshmi Parvathi, Lakshmi parvathi Balakrishna., Lakshmi Parvathi comments on Balakrishna, NTR widow Lakshmi Parvathi

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    Chandrababu Naidu, Lakshmi Parvathi, lakshmi parvathi on the roads after evicted by children, Lakshmi parvathi

    Lakshmi Parvathi on the roads, after evicted by children 03 December 2011

    The destitute widow of the former Chief Minister and the Telugu Desam Party founder president N.T. Rama Rao was on Friday evicted from her house. Ms Lakshmi Parvathi, who prized the possession of the house as her husband’s last memories,...

    Keywords: Thrown on roads, NTR’s Second wife, Umamaheshwari, Chandrababu Naidu

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    Lakshmi Parvathi wife of NTR, Lakshmi Parvathi anger, lakshmi parvathi to sue speaker, Lakshmi parvathi

    Lakshmi Parvathi to sue Speaker 06 May 2013

    Lakshmi Parvathi expressed her anger over the way Parliament Speaker Meira Kumar ignoring her when her husband NTR's statue is going to be unveiled at Parliament tomorrow. She said that it happened due to Purandheswari's behest.   Lakshmi Parvathi says...

    Keywords: NTR Statue at Parliament, Lakshmi Parvathi, Lakshmi Parvathi wife of NTR, Lakshmi Parvathi wife of NTR

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    , , nandamuri family at ntr ghat, Lakshmi parvathi

    Nandamuri Family at NTR Ghat 28 May 2013

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    NTR TDP chief Lakshmi Parvathi, TDP president, lp lokesh is unfit for politics, Lakshmi parvathi

    LP: Lokesh is unfit for politics 11 April 2011

    NTR TDP chief Lakshmi Parvathi today came down heavily on TDP president and former chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu saying that he was trying to promote his unworthy son Lokesh in politics. Addressing media persons in Tirupathi, the perennial bête-noir...

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