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    Karishma-Kareena Kapoor 08 September 2012

    Oh, I am so filmy. if I don't look at giving a positive end for my write ups, my day is not complete. in our 'Sister Sentiment' today, we spoke about all those Younger sisters whose career was not successful...

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    Dangerous Ishq, Karishma kapoor Dangerous Ishq, lolo s no to intimate scenes, Karishma kapoor

    Lolo’s ‘No’ to intimate scenes? 05 January 2012

    It was just couple time back we have leanred about the comeback of ‘Lolo’ (KarishmaKapoor’s pet name) in B – Town, post marriage and experiencing the Mother Hood twice. The Actress, even after all these years, looked ravishing and better...

    Keywords: Vikram bhatts film, Dangerous Ishq, Dangerous Ishq, Dangerous Ishq

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    Raveena Tondon, madhuri Dixit, aunty ka jalwaa, Karishma kapoor

    Aunty ka Jalwaa 04 May 2012

    Industry is always about wanting and craving for more… all the technicians and stars would only survive and be successful only when they satisfy this ‘more’ band… only when they come out with something new every time they appear and...

    Keywords: , Dangerous Ishq, madhuri Dixit, Sri Devi

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    Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, stardom keliye kuch bhi karega, Karishma kapoor

    ‘Stardom keliye kuch bhi karega’! 10 August 2011

    As such, people have their own set of assumptions about the celebs that are obviously downsizing the overall personality of those, who are into film industry. May be because of the constant rumors that arise, the link ups, the casting...

    Keywords: Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor

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    Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, anushka denies long kiss what about just kiss, Karishma kapoor

    Anushka denies long kiss, what about just kiss? 24 September 2013

    Anushka Sharma made quite a few fashion statements in the past, but one statement that has confused fans is her comment on Bollywood's longest kiss with passionate Aamir Khan in Peekay (P.K.). She had denied that there is a long...

    Keywords: Anushka denies longest kiss, Shahid Kapoor, Anushka denies longest kiss, Ranveer Singh

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    Karishma kapoor, Karishma kapoor, much more on karishma s plate, Karishma kapoor

    Much more on Karishma’s plate! 03 August 2011

    Karishma Kapoor, is soon making her come back into film industry, as a Heroine with Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Dangerous Ishq’, this I have confirmed earlier. But, not only this film has the 37 year old actress much more in her plate....

    Keywords: Karishma kapoor, Karishma kapoor, Karishma kapoor, Karishma kapoor

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    release on May 11th, taking a 5 years break, kapoor khaandaan s heroine says only films are not my life, Karishma kapoor

    Kapoor khaandaan's heroine says 'Only films are not my life'… 08 May 2012

    'cinema is not the only thing I am looking forward or films are not my entire life as such… it is only to satisfy the wish of the audience who want me to act again, after taking a 5 years...

    Keywords: Dangerous Ishq, release on May 11th, Karishma kapoor, Dangerous Ishq

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    , , karishma kapoor latest stills, Karishma kapoor

    Karishma Kapoor Latest Stills 10 June 2014

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    Karishma Kapoor, Sanjay Kapur, karishma kapoor divorce stalled, Karishma kapoor

    Karishma Kapoor Divorce stalled 30 December 2014

    Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor and her husband Sanjay Kapoor, divorce proceedings have stalled as both failed to come to a deal regarding the welfare of the children. According to the report, on the final day of hearing of the divorce...

    Keywords: Karishma Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor husband, Sanjay Kapur

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    Kareena Kapoor, Singham Returns, karishma will never remarry, Karishma kapoor

    Karishma will never remarry 07 August 2014

    Rumours have been making rounds in Bollywood that Karishma Kapoor will be soon tying knot with Sandeep Toshniwal, CEO of a pharmaceutical company but sister Kareena has stepped in and squashed all the rumors. In an exclusive interview to an...

    Keywords: Karishma Kapoor second marriage, Karishma Kapoor divorce, Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor remarriage

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    Viday Balan in Ishqiya, Madhuri Dixit, madhuri will no more known for her beauty, Karishma kapoor

    Madhuri will no more known for her beauty! 03 May 2012

    Someone rightly defined our life structure with a single statement, 'change is a only constant happening in our lives'... apart from connecting this statement to our day to day life, let us make this applicable even to Industry… all those...

    Keywords: karishma Kapoor, Madhuri, karishma Kapoor, Madhuri Play boldest role

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    Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, karishma s dhamakedaar comeback, Karishma kapoor

    Karishma’s ‘dhamakedaar’ comeback 03 August 2011

    Just like Kareena Kapoor is ruling the B – Town with her charm and oodles of film offers in her hand, so did her elder sister Karishma, couple of years back, until she got married. There was a time probably...

    Keywords: Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor

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    Abhishek bachan, Telugu videos, bebo lolo combo soon, Karishma kapoor

    ‘Bebo’ ‘Lolo’ combo soon? 05 September 2011

    Star brothers, cousins, father and son, appearing on screen and doing films together has been seen earlier. But, now, these Celeb Sisters or popularly known as ‘Kapoor’ family’s 3rd Generation stars are keen to act together. Karishma Kapoor who was...

    Keywords: Free jokes online, Telugu songs, Photo gallery, Telugu video songs online

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    Kareena Kapoor, abhishek bacchan, is karishma kapoor the next in the race of, Karishma kapoor

    Is karishma kapoor, the next in the race of... 23 May 2012

    Of many top heroines of 90s who got married, but their marriage ended up within no time… be it Manisha Koirala, Mahima Chowdhary and the recent name we are hearing is that of Karishma Kapoor… the actress who entertained the...

    Keywords: abhishek bacchan, Mahima chowdhary, Manisha koirala, Manisha koirala

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    karishma in Dangerous Ishq, Dangerous Ishq, secret behind karishma s gorgeous figure, Karishma kapoor

    Secret behind Karishma's gorgeous figure... 12 May 2012

    Now, please don’t expect me to give expert advice or reveal the diet plan and work out sessions Karishma has had to lose her 23 kilos extra weight, after delivering erh second baby, admitted by the actress herself... 'I always...

    Keywords: Dangerous Ishq, Karishma Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Dangerous Ishq

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